30 for 30 House of Steinbrenner

30for 30 House of Steinbrenner

30for 30 is sports documentary series on ESPN which is popular for thehighlights in the sports world. House of Steinbrenner is renowned forthe revolution of the popular baseball team the Yankees which is nowone the most glorified teams in American sport history. RobertSteinbrenner after taking ownership of the club in 1973 made it amulti-billion franchise with investments of billions of dollars inearnings yearly.

TheYankees stadium is one of the largest baseball stadiums ever builtand is home to the Yankees team. It has been reported that it is oneof the biggest earners in the sports world with thousands of fansflooding the stadium fully booked during one season. The name hasbecome a world-wide brand and in that is already promoting sales onthe club.

Premiumsare one of the marketing strategies that the house of Steinbrennerhas used to keep at the top of the game. The baseball club havingbeen purchased in the offseason had a lot of money to spend inbuilding the team. Instead of growing young talent like other clubs,the club purchased players from other clubs for top dollar andsigning long end contracts with the clubs. Within no time the clubwas winning the league and the funs would pay premiums just to seetheir favourites on the pitch. This ensured constant supply ofrevenue due to loyalty fan base.

Lowedpriced tickets are another to keep them in the market long enough.This was a key achievement for them as even the average person couldafford a ticket to the game and this ensures that the stadium wasfully packed throughout the season. Such a strategy was appealing tothe fan base and ensured fan loyalty all through young and the oldand it even became a traditional sport for most. Marketing has beenall about the customer needs and creating a fan base maintainedloyalty among then fans ensuring that a game was vital as the fanbase.