Academic Dishonesty



Inthis semester, I have learned much on integrity, and academicdishonesty with most of the things I were not aware could compromisethe integrity of student`s academic work. I have discovered theboundaries that should not be closed on pertaining to plagiarism thatI had not learned before. This have positively reflected on personalbelief in my class work and also life goals as I can now be able todeliver quality work without plagiarizing others works or ideas, orwhere I have to write them down, I reference accordingly.

Thereare many cases of students not having academic integrity either dueto lack of awareness or ignorance (Stolley, Brizee, andPaiz).According to Dostoevsky, he talks of people who tell lies or lie tothemselves that they are doing right thing, they do reach a pointwhere they are not able to distinguish what they are doing is ofhonesty and have ethical values or they are lying and find themselvesin a state of disrespect towards themselves and the other people(“Quotes to reflect on and respond to.” Par. 2). This affectstheir success in their public life as they end up engaging inconflicts daily with other people. If they are leaders toward aparticular group of persons, their followers are most likely to losetheir trust as they do not qualify on their integrity as a guide ormentor.

Academicdishonesty either by taking others work and representing as your ownideas without acknowledging the source or destroying other people’sacademic work and also general lack of integrity has considerablenegative impacts on the individual and also on the society. Studentswho cheat in their academic work affect others who observe honesty intheir work due to the unfair advantage in doing their academic work.Those who are honest enough work all their best to produce theirideas while dishonest students use their work and the institution usesame assessment criteria in ranking their working. This does a lot ofimpact on the student’s assessment that becomes unreliable as itdoes not acknowledge those who did original work and disregard thefake plagiarized work. It hurts the society in general as those whodo not anticipate in cheating feels discouraged with struggling intheir original work where else another person is using scrumptiousmeans and will still succeed in their academic work.

Also,academic dishonesty is a very harmful behavior to the society as thisstudents are the expected generation of the tomorrow. As cheatingbecomes addictive if those who are lucky and are not caught, andthose who go unpunished, they may influence creation of a bad societywhich does not have any moral and ethical respect for themselves andother people (“CNN survey: Manystudents say cheating`s ok.”).As according to Washington post by Psychotherapist Douglas LaBeir, ifyou focus on behavior in the direction you desire, it becomes hardfor you to change those habits in future as you are not conscious ofyour actions (“Quotes to reflect on and respond to.” Par. 10).Thus, if the person does not change their behavior, it means theinstitutions and the general society are only producing people whoare incompetent in their integrity as leaders of the futuregeneration.

Cheatingalso means that that the student does not get the quality standardeducation that is required for the development of the society(Michael par 5). This means that the student only representthemselves in the learning institutions only to satisfy the communityof their presence in the school but they are just wasting time andresources which negatively impacts the society as they are notcompetent In the real society. Besides, this distorts the main aim ofthe academic institution they are in as the primary objective of alearning organization is to produce students with high integritythrough advancing them in their learning experience. Students aremost likely to be tempted to carry on with their dishonesty cheatingmethods a step further and use them outside the academic work, thiswould cause a lot of conflicts as they do not respect the wholesociety that deserve many contributions from them.

Cheatingin classwork can cause the cancelation of the classwork of thosecaught in the act and others who are allowed especially if it is onan exam or practicals. This is on the ground that they do not reportthose who are involved which is advocated in the institution policies(MSU Policies, Regulations and Ordinances Regarding Academic Honestyand Integrity: GeneralStudent’s regulationsPar.1). The students may also suffer serious consequences like beingexpelled out of school although they did not actively participate inany academic fraud. It also makes the mutual trust which is supposedto be there between the students and the institution be eroded as theinformation gotten from their coursework performance when graded ismeant to indicate their progress that in the case is not true. Thestudent does not share the responsibility of maintain their integritywith the institution through original and standard work.

Academicdishonesty makes the work of the supervisors more difficult as theyare forced to invigilate the students work with much attention toavoid any deception (Michael par 5). Students who are well manneredand are honest about their work create a trustful environment withtheir supervisors or teachers as they can deliver original qualitywork. Those caught on ground of academic misconduct due to eitherfalsification of their work records or academic dishonesty makestheir instructor take the responsibility of committing in work ofreporting to the relevant authority rather than doing otherbeneficial work to the society.

Witheducation institutions wanting to produce a more integrated peoplewho have respect for themselves and others in their work, it involvesone dedication to facilitating them achieve this goal. Unless one isnot self-motivated, the whole society risk of falling into the trapof producing incompetent graduates. My personal behavior ofplagiarizing my work, for example, pose as a threat to the societyas I do not participate in helping the University in assessing myprogress in learning. It also affects other students who work hardand produce new original ideas in tackling the exams and other studywork as they feel demoralized if the fraud work is assessed throughthe same grading criteria.

Mypersonal goal is to be a beneficial member of the society throughprofessional contribution as a mechanical engineer. Thus, the societyexpects me to give them back a quality competent services and toachieve this I need to be honest with my work and respect othersideas and projects by not falsifying as my own or destroying theirprogress. To achieve this, I need to change on cheating at academicand personal level which will directly reflect on my professionalbehavior as discussed by Pavela (“AcademicDishonesty: The Social Implications.” Par.1).


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