Action Research Project Student`s


ActionResearch Project

Stage1 – Identification of a research problem

Grade 4A/B class has numerous pupils whereby several are hard workers whilea small number of them require additional consideration. Iparticularly observed that Yahya Nawayea is one of the kids needingadditional attention from the teacher. As pupils were raising theirhands when the teacher poses a question, Yahya was most certainlynot. Indeed, even the pupils that are viewed as being less brightwere making an effort of replying to the asked questions. So as toestablish the reason behind his shyness nature, I decided to questionhim on the issues connected to what was being taught but he failed torespond. Even after I requested him to comprehend a few of the newwords that he took that day yet he stayed quiet. He is not in aposition to peruse through words without help subsequently because hecannot comprehend the question. To make things worse, his writing isnot readable even he himself finds difficulty reading them. He isdoing quite well in math and on the contrary he fails in Arabic itmakes him have a preference for math. When presented with problemsto be solved and that are presented in English or Arabic writingYahya finds it hard respond to them.

Yahyarests and regularly does not attendant to classes and often late.When I got some information about this issue, he said his dad takeshim to his relatives regular and returns home late and begins videogaming throughout the night. A significant issue affecting him isthat he finds all things in class to be is too difficult making himrequire additional guidance from his teacher. The additionalattention Yahya requires is not possible because there are other manypupils too who require help and must be continually monitored by theteacher. The available resources to help all pupils are scarce toomaking it difficult for a single teacher to attend to the needs ofall the students. After carefully watching Yahya, I observed that heis suffering from a writing disorder condition since he shows signsof difficulty in writing. The teacher’s view also concurs with meyet since he was not been analyzed by a medic we are not in aposition to be too certain and draw such an assumption. The schoolinitially had a teacher who addressed the pupils’ unique Englishneeds who helped kids with cases similar to that of like Yahya. Since the teacher is no longer there, there is nobody in the schoolto help Yahya and it appears like his guardians do not generally mind(Costello, 2003).

Stage2 – Plan

I begantaking an examination of anything identified with Yahya that may helpme tackle his issue at hand. So I chose to inquire for what goodreason made Yahya dose and thus fail to do his work in class.Besides, was to take an assessment at the available materials to theteacher that could have facilitated better performance to Yahya’sclass work. Investigating Yahya’s his work may give me a clue onwhere to discover the issue am examining for. I can discover theseessential components by taking a look at a pupil’s work like theirlevel, skill and the ability they utilize while doing theirassignment. Recognizing what he does day by day can help withfiguring out what is bringing about the issue and afterward I canteach either Yahya or his guardians on the answer for the issue.

The mostideal approach to reveal these issues affecting Yahya is to watch himamid class time in order to gather information on the amount of timehe remains attentive in class, how he collaborates with his fellowpupils and how he spends his leisure time. This will help us decidesthe blueprint that his teacher will take to enhance his execution andfix the issues that keep Yahya from achieving good performance(Costello, 2003).

Stage3 – Act

I beganby observing his class work to establish out on the off chances thathe does any undertakings at all in class. I observed that Yahyaregular rests amid class implies he remains idle in class work ordoes a large portion of class work making him succumb into slumber.Only is only on rare situations that Yahya does the entire workwithout sleeping. The teacher let me know that he had additional timewith Yahya to guide him and remind him to do his work. I saw that heis doing ineffectively in English and science. His written work isindistinguishable. He does not fit a division in the middle of wordsand the size in which he writes in is not steady. But interestingenough, his evaluations in math are great.

I began watchingYahya while he is in class and saw he often daydreams when he doesnot comprehend what is going on in class. It is justified by the factthat he does not know how to compose or communicate in English yet itis the language the teacher use. It influences his mindset andexecution and prompts different issues regarding his combination andgathering of information delivered in the English language. Yahyacould comfortably handle common tasks and duties that do not includeconsiderable calculations like duplicating what is written on theblackboard. What is encouraging about Yahya is that he is willing towork if urged to.

Oneof the principle issues that Yahya confronts always is not having thecapacity to figure out and process what the teacher is stating. Else,he will have the capacity to take direction well and build hisexecution. His state of mind is another issue that should becomprehended since great Attitude can prompt better learning. So wehave to discover approaches to revive him without ruining himexcessively. Sleeping due to fatigue is likewise a major issuebringing about him not to concentrate in class.

Stage4 – Data Analysis

Iwill utilize observation and records as my data gathering techniquesince Yahya`s guardians declined to do a meeting with me since theywere excessively preoccupied and they did not concede their child`sissue to be that serious. From the school records, Yahya gets lowchecks in English, Science, and Arabic. It is on the grounds that hedoes 50% of the work or nothing by any means. Yahya does not do theworksheet including difficult and complex guidelines on the groundsthat he cannot get it. It is extremely unusual that Yahya is failingto meet expectations in Arabic yet guidelines in it are in his localdialect as viewed from the table below:
















From thetable above, it is evident that Math is Yahya’s best subject whichis on the grounds that the numbers are simpler to understand incomparison with the English and Arabic wording.

I beganutilizing the second information gathering tool which is observationof the school records. I noted every single point of interestidentified with Yahya normal routine amid and outside the classroom.It is apparent that Yahya conduct has enhanced since I came to class.It is in light of the fact that I can specifically keep in touch withhim and let him know what he is not doing well and show him properbehavior in these circumstances. It is because his issues are as aresult of his conduct. He does not rest as much at night and thusgives no careful deliberation in class. He is behind in everythingand the instructor cannot give Yahya one –on-one session since hehas an excess number of pupils to attend to. Yahya does his work whenthe teacher continues demanding and reminding him to do.

Stage5– Reflecting &amp sharing

Infiguring out Yahya problem and finding a solution to it. Some inquiryneeds to be answered: What is Yahya principle issue? How is thisissue influencing Yahya? Why did this issue happen in any case? Bywhat means would we be able to settle this problem?

Herewe have to take an examination at the statements of the teacher andevidence collected. The school records demonstrate that Yahya doesnot go to class frequently subsequently. Another issue is that hisguardians stay at their relatives spot till late and that cuts offYahya resting time bringing about him sleeping at his class duties.

Yahyaneeds to take an exceptional class and be taught about the Englishand Arabic letter set. Without knowing the letter set it will beabsolutely unimaginable for Yahya to figure out how to compose andread. The Parents need to chip in with a private teacher so they canhelp their child. The class teacher will need to utilize betterapproaches to revive Yahya to play a part in class and do his work.


Costello,P. (2003). Actionresearch. London:Continuum.