Iwould like to recommend Ran Wu to Lansing Community College (LCC) forthe student to study his course conveniently. He is currentlystudying at International University and Theological Seminary. As hisadvisor, if he transfers to your institution, it is easier for himto transfer his credit to MSU where he studied and got a recessedthan in the current institution. He studied at MSU for 3 months butwere recessed since he had a very busy schedule and could not keep upwith studies. Currently, he has scored good grades at InternationalUniversity and Theological Seminary because his tight schedule hasbecome manageable, and he even looks forward to performing evenbetter at Lansing Community College.

RanWu is a very disciplined student with great determination to succeedin his education. He utilizes his time efficiently to meet allrequirements at school, home, and work. Moreover, he understands thattime management is essential for greater achievement in all aspectsof life. He also follows instructions effectively and plays hisduties as required of him since he knows that every role played by anindividual does not only improve his status in life, but also thoseof others in the society.

Oneof his recommendable skills is computer expertise. He can use severalcomputer software applications to perform various tasks in school, athome and work. He is also a good communicator and listener besidesbeing a good team player. He can work effectively with others toachieve team objectives. Furthermore, He can tolerate the pressureand accommodate difficult people and situations with empathy andpatience. I hope He gets a place in your institution.