Against the Capital Punishment

Againstthe Capital Punishment

Capitalpunishment is a still a sentence being passed on many criminals inthe United States of America. The issue is very controversial withboth opposers and proponents providing valid premises to supporttheir cause. In the 21stcentury, the practice makes the practice an archaic way to deliverjustice.

Thesisstatement: Capital punishment should not find a place in the societybecause it does not contribute to the projected role ofrehabilitation and correction. It only ends the life of individualsand reduces the state as an organ that contravenes its role ofprotecting human life.

Itis within the laws of many states to protect the lives of citizens,but all means. Any efforts deemed as harmful to the life of humanbeings by any government faces a lot of counter measures. AsMeltsner puts it in his book, “Cruel and Unusual” (5), deathpunishment as a unacceptable. The government contradicts this mandateby Implementing the death sentence through its legal institutions(Meltsner35).Itis an indirect assertion that individuals subjected to deathpunishment are beyond rehabilitation, and the best way to deal withthem is isolating them from the other people through death.

Iintend to use three articles, that is, “To Die or Not to Let Die,”by Magdalena Laskowska, “Crueland unusual: The Supreme Court and Capital Punishment”by Meltsner and Deathquest:An introduction to the theory and practice of capital punishment inthe United States” by Bohm to argue that capital punishment is not warranted. Laskowskaarticle will assist me in arguing using the out-of-punishment theoryapproach. The punishment theory works towards justifying the deathsentence (Bohm 6). I will approach it with the idea of dignity,decency and civilization.Thesethree aspects will show that subjecting individuals to deathpunishment reduces them to objects that are at the mercy of theirgovernment (Laskowska7). Ifthe society upholds and appreciates the role of the correctionalsystem, then it should abolish death punishment in our penal code.


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