ALS2 Space Discussion


ALS2:Space Discussion

ALS2:Space Discussion

Thelocation I selected to be for this exercise is the Grand River Cafélocated in the East Lansing region, along the Grand River Avenue. Theaddress to the location is 515W, Grand River Avenue East Lansing, MI 48823-4203 US.To make it a discussion of three people,I was joined by my tow friends who were in their locations asfollows



The Lansing Mall

5330 West Saginaw Highway Lansing MI 48917

W. J. Beal Botanical Garden

330 W CIRCLE DR. Michigan State University


Whatis the feeling of the space? Do you like it, why or why not?

Thespace at Grand River Café is lovely and warm with everything in theenvironment of the café appealing for the guests. The baristas andthe large space at the café are well set to allow many tables forguests.

Thespace at TheLansing Mall was congested, and my friend was filling congested.However, the space at W.J. Beal Botanical Garden was relaxing and cool for taking time out.

Whois using the space? What types of people and how are they using thespace? Is this the intended use(s)?

Thespace is used by the owners of the café and the customers. We alsonoticed that a significant size of the space is also used by theemployees. The economic and social use of the café is combined in asetting that allows customers to talk and socialize while the ownersare gaining profits from their business. This is the intended use ofthe space, as the building is clearly structured for that.

Thespace at TheLansing Mall was used by the mall owners to rent shops to retailers,banks, and business people to sell to the public. My friend notedthat it is used for shopping, dining and commercial activities. Thisis the intended use of the space, as the building is clearlystructured for that. The W.J. Beal Botanical Garden space is used by the public to relax, andused by the Michigan State University for research and displayingdifferent plants

Whatare the most successful elements of the space?

Themost successful element of the space is the setting of the tables andchairs for the guests. The arrangement is made for a diverse numberof people such as two people table, three, four and even six toeight people around a table.

Themost successful element of TheLansing Mall is the large space and setting of shops and businesses.Thestructure is appealing for people to move around and shop, or bank.The most successful element at W.J. Beal Botanical Garden is the serenity of the garden and beautifullandscape.

Whatare the least successful elements of the space?

Theleast successful element of the space is the surrounding of the café.We noted that the space outside the café is not well set up toappeal to people from outside. However, the labels and the name ofthe café make it better to identify the location. We also noted thatthe space is not large enough to accommodate many people who flockthe café at peak eating times.

Theleast successful element at Lansing Mall is the congestion of peopleas many people visit the mall for all their shopping and personalactivities. The least successful element at W.J. Beal Botanical Garden is use lack of refreshment areas andfacilities.

TheChange in My Location

Whatwould you change about the design of the space you are in and why? You must identify at least one element that you would change, andexplain why?

Iwould change the landscape outside the café and immediatelysurrounding the location. This is because the landscape identifiesallows people to feel relaxed and enjoy some serenity outside thecafé. Specifically, I would establish structures to accommodatepeople who feel like taking their meals and drinks on the outside.There are people who enjoy sharing meals and having a discussion at aplace that is outside the structure, but still being served by thecafé.

Thechange would introduce outdoor service where the staff at the caféwould serve customers, just like inside the café. This can also bedone in an extended balcony where the tables are set to serve thecustomer. To do this, a structural change would be needed to extendthe space, balcony to accommodate some tables. One of my friendssuggested that he would be more comfortable if the café had a largespace outside, with large tables and shades where he could dine. Thiswould be my major change, if I had the opportunity to. This would bebetter that the current indoor-only setup because it would promoteserenity of an outdoor service.


Theexercise was a successful activity that opened my mind to evaluatethe use of a space or a location. The exercise stimulated my thinkingabout the need to understand and evaluate the elements that make theuse of a space successful or not. The GrandRiver Café is a good place for assessing the way space is used andhow effective the space fits the use. With a good setting, the caféoffers a good space not only for sharing of meals and drinks butperfect for social interaction.