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AmericanHistory (Forum Response)


AmericanHistory (Forum Response)

Thematerial used in class for the course has a number of interestingaspects with respect to the United States history. The book “TheAmerican Story: Perspectives and Encounters from 1877” looksinto the country’s historyof the post-Reconstruction, from different perspectives such ashistorical, social and cultural perspective. The book provides veryimportant aspects into how events as well as figures affected thelives of the Americans. Some of the interesting aspect is thetechnology development in America (Barnes&amp Bowles, 2014).

Withreference to the course, and access to the materials for the course,it was interesting yet confusing of how to use the school library,and especially when it comes to search of the desired material (DelPero et al, 2014). It was an interesting aspect when it came tosearching the desires material from the school catalogue. The use ofthe digitized catalogue was the fascinating thing when exploring thecourse material. However, it was hard to locate the book, once it’sidentified. This was particularly due to lack of experience in usingthe library digitalized catalogue as well as difficulties inaccessing historical books with reference to the United Stateshistorical events. In addition, with the existence of differentdatabases, it was confusing as to which was the best database to usein terms of historical books, or sources with reference to the coursematerial.

Despitethe struggle in locating the relevant source material, it wasinteresting to get an insight into the United States history in themaking. It was interesting to read the different developments andpersonnel are, who has contributed to the making of the country`shistorical background, and its impact to the country’s currentstate (Post, 2014). One of the questions that came up when goingthrough the course material is what was the contribution of thehistorical events, to the current American lives.


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