Analyzing Current Technology

AnalyzingCurrent Technology

AldousHuxley’s BraveNew Worlddiscusses an ironic vision of a future that is futile and hostile dueto various technological advancements. However, Huxley acknowledgesthat if used properly, technology is a tool that can promotedevelopment (Huxley 6). Otherwise, it can manipulate peoplenegatively and destroy their privacy. Similarly, social media haschanged the world today. It can be used to benefit the societybecause it promotes essential communication even in adversesituations, but some people may also use it for wrong motives.

Huxleyargues that people have created technologies that are used to extractmoney from the consumers. However, the consumers cannot refuse to buydue to their need for entertainment and information, which creates achain of endless consumerism (ABC News). He further argues thattelevision and print media technologies are used to manipulate peopleinto making a decision they would not make particularly politicalchoices (Huxley 44). Likewise, social media has created a platformthat allows people to communicate and socialize all over the world.Despite its faults, social media has become an essential part ofmodern society, which is integrated with almost every aspect of lifesuch as work, communication, and shopping. As such, it creates theneed for continuous services. Nonetheless, some people are using itfor the wrong motives such as terrorists. People are posting too muchpersonal information on the social media platforms, which makes iteasy to determine their strengths and weaknesses. On the other hand,the terrorists are taking advantage of the availability and easyaccess to personal information. Thus, they are using it to persuadepeople to join the terror groups by showing the victims how terrorismcan fulfill their lives even more.

Furthermore,Huxley intends to criticize how technology diminishes privacy, whichportrays how people are currently using social media. He alsoexplains that the propaganda used in the television, radio, and printtechnologies may not be true, but it imposes the will of one person(ABC News). Similarly, there are things communicated through thesocial media but they did not take place. Such ideas are spread tomanipulate people into taking certain actions for either good or badof the society. These technologies are also affecting personalprivacy as one of the characters in the book portrays the increasingdesire to publicize their lives (Huxley 54). Currently, consumerismand privacy in social media platforms are interconnected. The currenttrend indicates that exposing personal information is one of the mostcommon ways of becoming socially active on these platforms.Consequently, it portrays the fears of the future of technologicaladvancements as explained by Huxley.

Inconclusion, social media technology has made significantcontributions that have benefited the society considerably. However,it has become too integrated into all aspects of the society thatpeople have become too depend on it making it possible for peoplewith wrong motives to manipulate them. Today, social media is similarto the technology discussed by Huxley. First, terrorists are usingthe platforms to recruit followers. It is facilitated by theexcessive exposure of personal information that is directly linked tosocial media consumerism. Moreover, it creates an easy target forpropaganda and violation of personal privacy. The trend portraysHuxley’s fears where personal sharing has become the basis of humanconnection. Consequently, social media is a beneficial innovationthat promotes socialization in ways that physical connections cannot,but it also promotes the violation of privacy and manipulation intonegative actions.


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