Applicable Relationship Skills In Life

ApplicableRelationship Skills In Life

ApplicableRelationship Skills in Life

Relationshipskills can be described as one of the most important factors when itcomes to building and maintaining strong relationships. As such, inorder to improve your relationship with others, it is important toget to know or learn about relationship skills. These skills can belearned and practiced over time. The main purpose of this paper is toproject various activities that I have been practicing in order toachieve acceptable relationship skills in the society or community. Iam going to discuss these activities in deep detail, they include:


Communicationis a fundamental skill that an individual should apply when it comesto building a relationship. Communication is mostly a two-waytraffic, one should first practice good listening skills. Theseskills include listening to a person and understandingcomprehensively what they mean and not misunderstanding them. It alsoinvolves knowing to express ones feelings honestly without lyingabout what one feels. One should also practice refraining fromcriticism, this helps in building the partner’s self-esteem.Encouraging an individual’s partner to share their emotions andfeelings is also very essential in building a healthy relationship.From personal experience, I have learnt to practice honesty, as noone likes being lied to. I have also learnt from other peoplesexperience that lying can cost people their relationships. By havinggood communication skills, one is able to create supportive climatesin that there is a perfect understanding between partners. Bypracticing this skill, one is able to properly express themselves andtheir feelings.


Thisincludes focusing on a specific topic that is on one’s life andalso staying concentrated on the present. It also involves anindividual having the ability of knowing when to forgive and alsoaccept apologies. Knowing when to take a break in relationships isalso very crucial as conflict resolution entails knowing when to sayno and walk away from a relationship. In my own experience, I havetried to apply some conflict resolutions in relationships. I havealso known when to apologize for various mistakes I have done andalso when to forgive people as no one is perfect.


Thisis a very essential skill that one has to practice in order toachieve a healthy relationship. Recent researches have shown thatpeople always want their specific partners to contribute to some sortor level of security in their lives. People also want their partnerto take good care of themselves, have emergency plans in case ofemergencies and to always exercise in order to be physically fit.These emergencies can vary from financial emergencies to naturalcalamities. In relationships, people are advised to plan for them(emergencies) so as to have the capability of avoiding some of them.Having no plan in a relationship can lead to the failure therelationship as partners will tend to lose confidence in each other.


Thisis the basic need of every single relationship on the planet. Theability to trust each other is very important because when people areable to trust each other they can then work together. Trust creates avery powerful bond between partners or colleagues who can then worktogether without the fear of being backstabbed. As far as trust isimportant in relationships it is also important to always know whocan be trusted. Some people are very good at creating ‘fake’relationships so as to manipulate others, it is wise to identify thembefore they can manipulate individuals. Lack of trust has proven tobe the main reason for the failure of many relationships, accordingto what I have experienced.


Asan individual, it is important to have certain goals that drive oneto their full potential. Having these goals is very crucial in arelationship as partners get to see what their partners have plannedfor them in the future. I have set out some goals for myself (which Ichoose to discuss in this paper) these goals have proved to help me alot in building various relationships may it be with my colleagues orvarious people in society. People who tend to lack these goals,according to other peoples experience which I have observed haveproven to cost them their relationships in life. Having goals hashelped me to have a focus in life and it has earned my respect in thedifferent relationships I have had.

Knowledgeof partners

Itis always advisable to know ones partner or partners in differentrelationships. Knowing partners does not mean the basics of thatparticular partner, but also knowing a little if not all of theirbackgrounds. I have learnt that not knowing partners in relationshipscan lead to the end of relationships. As earlier mentioned in thepaper, some people tend to make fake relationships so as tomanipulate their partners. By knowing their backgrounds, helpsidentify their goals in life and this proves to be important inrelationship building. Knowledge of partners does not necessarilymean knowing their backgrounds it also means knowing what they likeso as not to annoy them in ways that individuals do not even know canoffend them.


Whenone resects the people they are associated with its very important asthis shows them that they are valued. Valuing others gives them theperception that they are considered relevant in life and it alsohelps in valuing their fellow colleagues. This also means that theirideas and values are respected in the relationship. I have learntthat respecting others in society or to be precise in relationshipsis very important as that gives them the motivation to respectothers. Lack of respect in relationships can lead to the collapse ofa very serious relationship, as people tend to feel undervalued andnot taken seriously if they are not respected.


Thisbasically means taking responsibilities of one’s actions and alsowords. It also means that people should be careful in what they sayand attend to what they promise to do. One should not let personalemotions affect their judgment over serious decisions they are aboutto make that may also affect others


Peopleare generally social beings, it is therefore important to create goodand healthy relationships that may prove to be essential in thefuture. I have tried to apply the above discussed skills in my lifein order to achieve healthy and long lasting relationships in life.It is important to add other significant skills in life to achievethe best relationships in life. Relationships vary in many ways itcan be from work places to the common relationships. For example inclass, it is important to establish good relationships as they mayhelp in the future.

Buildingand the maintenance of healthy relationships in work places isessential in that they tend to make an individual more committed andengaged in their work places. It also opens various doors to careeradvancements and many key projects that may prove to be of a lot ofadvantages to a person’s personal career or the organization ingeneral.