Application Essay





Iam interested with the Lexington Medical Center’s PracticeAdministrator Fellowship Program due to the benefits I will obtainfrom the program. A fellowship program is a great way for a youngprofessional in health care administration to get his career started.The learning experiences that I will encounter at Lexington MedicalCenter will have a huge impact in may career in the health caremanagement. It is my believe that the relationships I will build andthe challenges I am likely to encounter in the program will creatednew opportunities and play a role in deciding which career path I amlikely to specialize in. through the fellowship program, I will learnhow to be a health care administrator and the responsibilities of aadministrator in the health care industry. Although some of theseaspects have been learnt in classroom, learning through experiencewill have a greater impact. Through experience gained from thefellowship program, I will have an idea of the problems andchallenges I am likely to face in may career and some of theapplicable solutions. For example, teamwork is an important aspect oforganizational management. As a health care administrator, I have aresponsibility of creating an environment that promotes teamwork.Through the fellowship program at Lexington Medical Center, I willacquire some of the skills necessary in building effective workingteams.

Themain goal of the Lexington Medical Center Practice AdministrativeFellowship Program is to “immense fellows in the industry standardsof physician practice administration” (Lexington Medical Center,2015). This is one of the main reasons why I have chosen thefellowship program. The program has proven abilities to initiateexperience and competence in health care management which will havean important impact in my career. Although Lexington Medical Centerdoes not guarantee employment after completing the program, it willhave an impact on my ability to access job placement opportunities inother institutions due to the quality of the program. However, sinceLexington Medical Center is a relatively large facility, there islikelihood that I will get a job placement at the facility after theprogram. There is no doubt that Lexington Medical Center has investedimmensely in the programs. The time and resources the facility hasinvested in the program are aimed at developing and training futureleaders in the facility. Therefore, there is no doubt that there is achance of working at the facility after completing the fellowshipprogram.

Theall inclusive content of the Lexington Medical Center fellowshipprogram makes it very attractive for a young health careadministrator. The programs diversify the career options that areavailable to a young health care administrator. This is because thefellowship program in Lexington Medical Center exposes the fellows toall areas of health care management including physician practiceadministration and community based centers administration. Thisincludes direct projects and tasks in health care management such askey performance indicator and patient or client satisfaction surveyand assessment.

Additionally,through the fellowship, I will have an access to a professionalmentor. Mentors play an important role in the development of a healthcare administration career. As a result, the program allows thefellows to work under a mentor who acts as a guide in the learningprocess. The mentor will have a huge influence on my career in thefuture, especially in relation to work ethics and professionalism. Itis my hope that the fellowship programs will open doors to a happyand fulfilling career in health care administration.


LexingtonMedical Center (2015). Lexington Medical Center Fellows