Application for Reinstatement after Recess


Applicationfor Reinstatement after Recess


TheAdmissions Board,


Re:Application forReinstatement after Recess

Ihereby request to come back from recess because of personalchallenges at home and the efforts that I have made to improve myfuture performance. I acknowledge that taking the course has beenchallenging because of the social and language differences I faced.As an international student, I arrived in the United States fromchina, which presented some economic challenges to me and my parentsbecause of the economic pressure. Therefore, I am serious to comeback and study hard, so that I can improve on my grades. I understandthat the recess is for one year, but I am honestly in need of thestudies and I humbly request to come back to class.

Iadmit that I faced social challenges in my interaction sin the UnitedStates. One of them was a language problem because I had not masteredthe new language. At the same time, I had not learnt English wellenough to learn in class effectively. However, I have improved thelanguage enough to continue with the course. I have also adapted tothe social environment in the United States, and I feel that I amready to perform well in my class.

Duringthe time that I was on recess, I put all the time available to learnEnglish so that I can improve on the language. Therefore, I gotcommitted to learning the language improve on my listening andreading skills. I have also learnt to avoid the distractions thattook my time away from studies and improved on my time management asa student. I am now fully committed to study and I am serious withthe course and my future. I humbly request you to consider mycommitment to the course and allow me back.Thank you in advance.