Application for Reinstatement


Applicationfor Reinstatement


Iam currently on recess from MSU because of my low grades and I wouldlike to apply for reinstatement in the institution. I would like togive three reasons why my academic performance has not beensatisfactory in the institution. First, I am an international studentand I have a big problem with the English language that they use herein the University. Secondly, I have come to meet a very differentculture here in the United States, and I am struggling to cope upwith it because it affects many issues in my life including academicactivities such as group discussions, essay writing, and attendanceof class lectures. Lastly, I was thinking of taking business as mymajor, so I have to change my major in order to succeed for doingwhat I like.

Ihave a strategic plan that I believe will help me if I becomereinstated in the institution. I plan to see an advisor every weekwho will advise me on how to use the English language, how to copewith the culture here, and how to handle class work in a way thatwill satisfy my academic performance. I will see him every time Iface a new problem so that he can advise me on how to overcome it. Ialso plan to ask my advisor anything that I do not understand inacademics. This will help me to improve in my academic performancesignificantly.

Ifmy reinstatement request is denied, I plan to go home, study and findthe best way out. It will help me to think through carefully about myfuture if I just go home. While at home, I will try to study manyaspects about my major and most especially English language.