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After researching about universities, which offer a Bachelor ofScience Degree in Aviation Management, I have decided to apply toCentral Washington University (CWU). The University has anexceptional reputation based on the reviews I have read fromalumni’s, both old and recent graduates. Most importantly, I amkeen about the Aviation Management specializations at CentralWashington University.

I am a graduate of Redmond High School in Washington where Igraduated with a GPA of 2.9. Following my high school graduation, Ienrolled at Lake Washington Technical College, a year later for onecourter. I left Lake Washington Technical College with a GPA of 3.8.In addition to my educational qualifications, I am a fast learner,keen to detail and focused on achieving my goals. At Lake Washington,I was studying a pre-nursing program with the objective of gettinginto the medical field. The decision to get into the medical fieldwas not personal, rather because of pressure from my family. I nowrealize that I want to pursue a career that is solely my choice andone that I am passionate about, and I am confident that a Degree inAviation Management is my appropriate career path.

I have read from the university’s website that the AviationManagement program at Central Washington University trains graduatesfor entry-level professions, in addition to leadership positionswithin the aviation community (CWU, 2015). There are many careeroptions to choose upon graduation. Students have an opportunity tochoose their degree specialization resulting in a degree in AviationManagement. The aviation program ensures graduates have a strongfoundation and comprehensive knowledge in Aviation Management (CWU,2015). The program is in line with my career aspiration. Myaspiration is that after graduating, I will enroll in a pilot schooland later become a professional pilot. An Aviation Management degreefrom Central Washington University acts as a major starting point asI pursue my desire to become a pilot.

I have always had an interest in becoming a pilot. From a young age,I was always interested in knowing how it was possible for anairplane to balance in air, how so many people could fit into theairplane and how the airplane moves from one destination to another.As I gained more knowledge, I realized that becoming a pilot is themost rewarding career. The reward derives from being able to movepeople from one destination to another safely. The fact that so manypeople have trust in the pilot’s capability of ensuring theirsafety only implies to me that a pilot is someone that is highlyintelligent. I realize that one requires a lot of knowledge andexperience to become a professional pilot, which makes CentralWashington’s University degree in Aviation Management one of themany knowledge sources in my career path.

I believe my education and zeal makes me a perfect fit for theAviation Management degree program at Central Washington University.I have gone through the program and I am certain that I can meet therequired stipulations. The courses offered match my prospect careerobjectives. Please note that I have attached all the requireddocuments.

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