Article Review on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010


ArticleReview on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010

TheAffordable Care Act, commonly known in the US as the Affordable CareAct (ACA) was signed by President Barack Obama on 23th March 2010.The healthcare Act is one of the noteworthy policies of the system. One feature of the law tackled in this Act islowered healthcare insurance cost,and the aspect has beenfeatured in aNew York Times’ article dated 10thJune 2015. Accordingto the article, this Act was formulated and implemented to enhancethe value and affordability of health insurance, thus reducing thetotal number of the uninsured population by increasing public andprivate insurance coverage, and minimize the healthcare cost forindividuals and the government.Research reveals tangible evidence that support the article’sargument that the Affordable Care Act has helped millions of peopleget quality health care,and it has become an integral part of the United States’ socialfabric.

Accordingto the article, subsidized healthcare insurance is aimed ataddressing the problem of poor healthcarefor the low-income who earn too much to beconsideredfor Medicaid, the health program designed for the poor. The articleargues that President Barack Obama is right by protecting the Actfrom the Republicans who call the law “job killer”since its benefits have beenfeltby both the public and the government. The middle earners who cannotgain from Medicaid cannow enjoy quality healthcare a factor that has improved their lives,socially and economically. It is important to point out that thearticle’s arguments are true and valid. Without affordable healthcareinsurance, there would be a big disparity in terms of access toquality healthcare among the rich, low-income earners and theextremely poor. Accessibility to quality health care services byevery segment of the U.S. population is vital for the nation’ssocial, economicand political well-being.

Asdescribed in the article, I believe that insurance funding is one ofthe most vital aspects of the healthcarelaw. Itis important to note that since President Obama signed the law almostfive years ago, many people who had not insured their health havebeen covered, resulting in a significantly lowered uninsured rate, infact the lowest rate that has ever been reached in the nation.Ibelieve that the article is very right to point out that, it will bevery unethical especially for middle earners to lack access toquality health care if the law is refuted.

Thesubsidized insurance cover cost is highly important,and its significance can bereflectedthroughhealth care prices and employer premiums thathave been rising at very low rates since the law was passed. Contraryto the Republicans argument against the law, the private sector hasexperience tremendous job growth since it wasimplemented.I believe that is will be catastrophic for both the individuals andthe U.S. government if the law is to bereversed.Reversing the Act will not only put millions of Americans at risk ofdisease and death but will greatly damage the low-income earnersfinancially since they will no longer have the capacity to sustainthe expensive insurance covers. Itis for that important reason that, the government of the US shouldconcentrate on making the law more effective not only to ensure allits citizens access quality health care, but also to ensure thecountry acquires political, social and economic benefits.


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