Nameof the company: Quiet Shores

QuietShores is a family restaurant that is currently in need of areceptionist to handle table bookings over phone, as well aswalk-ins.


Tasksto be trained in: Handle phone calls as well walk in customers at thefamily restaurant. The individual should be able to speak fluently,with confidence and deal with a variety of customers. He or Sheshould have excellent phone communication as well as face to facecommunication skills. Candidate must have a pleasing appearance.

Twosteps that are part of the screening process

  • Employment Tests

  • Interview

Justificationfor choosing these steps


Thejob in question โ€“ receptionist โ€“ is one that is pretty demandingboth mentally and physically. Speaking to customers (everyday folkswho could bring in a lot of stress to the receptionist) is not aseasy as it sounds.

Theone essential thing that matters to this job will be the ability tospeak. So, a work sample test will be used as part of the employmenttest. Applicant will be asked to handle mock restaurant reservationenquiries in person as well as phone. The test will focus on how thecandidate would handle positive scenarios (where in tables areavailable) and negative scenarios (where in tables are notavailable). If the mock sessions make the interviewer feel happy (thereservations were handled well) then the candidate is selected forthe next step.

Thejob will also require the applicant to have a pleasing demeanor. So,personality inventories will also be part of the test. If the resultsalign with that of lively and energetic person, the candidate willmake a good fit.


Thesecond part of the selection will be an interview. It would be bestif the interview was done by a multi member panel. The receptionistis expected to deal with different sorts of people on a daily basis,and it would help if multiple interviewers agree that the candidateis a good fit.

Questionsto be asked

  • Relevant experience in this job.

  • Instances when the candidate was able to handle upset or angry customers.

  • Ability to manage stress?

  • Future goals in the restaurant business. Does the candidate plan to stay on as a receptionist or wishes to move up?