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BarriersTo Change Management


BarriersTo Change Management

Differentorganizations have overtime undergone changes, whether in terms ofproduction, through acquisition or change in management. How anyorganization copes with changes is an essential aspect as it defineshow well the organization is set to overcome barriers to change. Oneexample of a management change case is the change in leadership ofStarbucks Corporation when Schultz took over from Donald, andprovides a good case into the process of change management.


  1. Introduction

Changesin any organization have different impacts at any given time orperiods they may occur. They may differ and range from minor changessuch as staff restructuring to major changes such as organizationmerger/acquisition of another organization. However, changes arenecessary for any organization, but at some point, barriers to aneffective change in an organization are experienced, and fromdifferent causes (Welbourne,2014).Any change in an organization demands effective management, in orderto maximize positive impact, towards its performance.

Changeis inevitable change management in turn is an approach that isdevised by an individual, a team of people, and an organizationtowards transition. Change management is any structured approach thatis deployed by an organization or an individual to ensure “changes”within an individual or in an organization are thoroughly andsmoothly executed to ensure positive aspects of change are achieved(Dohertyet al, 2015).One of the key aspects with regard to change management is the issueof ‘Barriersto Implementing Changes in an organizational’.

ThesisStatementBarriersto change management hinders organization performance, however, theyare inevitable, and different organizations have different barriersto change management.

  1. Key points

  • What is change management, and what does it concern when the leadership was changed in Starbucks? (Foroohar, 2015).

  • Challenges/barriers to effective change management planning, lack of consensus among the management teams/personnel’s, communication, employee resistance, change of management.

  • Models of change management or implementation Kotter’s 8 Step Change Model, McKinsey 7-S Model, and Lewin’s Change Management Model (which would have been suitable in the case of Starbucks).

  1. Conclusion

Whilebarriers to change implementation poses both problems and chances foran organization to improve its performance, change management is anessential aspect in organization management.


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