Best Five Countries in the World to Tour Abstract

BestFive Countries in the World to Tour


Theworld we live in has quite a number of countries which are situatedin various continents. To be precise, there are seven continents inthe world, and every particular continent has a country that hasunique features that one will want to see. These features range frompeople’s traditions and culture, technological advancement, naturaland man-made sceneries, physical features and many other features.These seven continents are Africa, North America, South America,Austria, Asia, Antarctica and Europe. The objective of this essay isto look at best five countries from these seven continents thatanyone can visit and have a feeling of bliss of tranquility andrelaxation. The five countries that this essay is looking at areNorway, China, Egypt, Kenya and Finland. The goal and mission of thispaper is to show people from all walks of the world the variousfeatures that these five countries have and the areas they can visitwhenever they need to relax.

Eachand every country has its own features that are deemed to be best bythat country’s citizens. Nevertheless, it goes without a questionthat some countries have far much more beautiful, monumental as wellas historic features as compared to others. Apart from physicalfeatures, the traditions as well as countries of some countries aremuch more interesting and breath-taking. It is for these reasons thatthis essay paper has embarked on the journey of looking at thevarious features, traditions as well as culture of the fiveaforementioned nations. The essay will commence by introducing thecountries and later on talk of various features and cultures thatthese five countries have.

Chinais the top country whose economy is escalating in an enormous way.This country is in the continent of Asia. Technologically, China hasmade an impressive advancement. The country’s creativity andinnovativeness has led it into being one of the best countries forinnovation and growth. Ranging from electrical appliances such ascomputers, television sets, phones, microwaves to exotic kitchenwares such as cutlery, plates as well as cloth lines, China hasadvanced technologically thus making it to be the best country in theworld to visit. Apart from technological advancement, China’sculture and tradition is one of a kind. There are quite a number ofphysical features and historic attractions in China that have been ofgreat boost to tourism thus boosting the country’s economy. Some ofthese historic attractions are ‘The Great Wall’, ‘PudongSkyline’, ‘Mogao Caves’ ‘Leshan Giant Buddha’ (Wuong,2015)and many others.

TheChina’s Great Wall was built, rebuilt and maintained during theancient times so as to guard the Territory of the Chinese arcticborders against the spasms of itinerant ethnic group from thenorthern. This great wall is breath-taking and the view is nothingbut something to behold (Wuong,2015).China has also an historic attraction known as the ‘TerracottaArmy’. This historic attraction is an assortment of mud statuarieswhich represent the armed forces of Qin Shi Huang. This site is oneof the most popular visitor fascinations in the whole of China andthe city of Xian (Wuong,2015).In the city of Hong Kong, the ‘Victoria Harbor’ is deemed to be achief physical feature for tourism. This harbor is one of thecavernous container ports in globally. It has quite a number offerries boats. Other physical features and sceneries include Li RiverCruise, Leshan Giant Buddha and mount Huang.

Kenyais an African country that is situated in the Eastern part of thecontinent of Africa. This developing country has more than enoughsceneries that one can visit for a vacation. Apart from having acoast that is so rich with Arabic culture, Kenya has the Indian Oceanbordering it on its coastal region. Various Swahili integrated withArabic shrines and beaches make the coastal region of this countryone to book for a visit. Tourists are able to swim and honkytonkfish-rich coral reefs as they unwind on lustrous beaches of thecoastal region of Kenya. There is the Fort Jesus monument as well asVasgodagarma (Hastings,2015).These are one of the historic attractions that one can enjoy theirview while visiting Kenya. Moreover, this small country is a greatnation for great wild animals. As a matter of fact, the onlyremaining white Rhino in the whole world is in Kenya (Hastings,2015).The country has various parks as well as natural forests that inhabitthese world animals. Some of these national parks and reserves areMaasai Mara, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Tsavo and many others. One isable to enjoy the great migration of wildebeests from theneighbouring country Tanzania through Maasai Mara national park. TheGreat Rift Valley has Lake Nakuru that is dotted with beautiful viewof flamingoes. The animals that one can enjoy seeing while visingKenya are Lions, Cheetahs, Elephants, Rhinos, Zebras, waterbucks andvarious types of wild birds as well as other animals (Hastings,2015).

LakeNakuru National Park in the Great Rift Valley

Thereare other attractions such as the crying stone in the Western part,Sarara singing wells in Samburu National Reserve, Mount Kenya as wellas Mount Kilimanjaro. The tradition and culture of the Maasai andSamburu people is one of a kind (Hastings,2015).Many have argued that Kenya is not a safe place to be because ofterrorism, but the truth is terrorism is a global menace and not justfor Kenya alone. Though there have been many people who havecriticized this developing nation, the future of Kenya looks sobright with all these historic attractions that the country has.

Egyptis known to be one of the more reachable places in the continent ofAfrica. This country has monumental and beautiful miscellanies of theEgyptian culture that many people flock in to have a sight of. Someof these monumental features are the pyramids of Giza, temples,Rivers, Buildings, Mountains and many others. The pyramids of Gizaare believed to have been built by the ancient Egyptians and theywere meant for royal people who had much power (Smith,2014).Such people with much power were people such as Pharaoh. People ofthe ancient Egypt deemed that after Pharaoh’s death, his spirit waschanged into Osiris, so they built pyramids for his spirit. Thisplace is a nice place to visit since it shows the culture andtraditions of the Egyptians (Smith,2014).Temples are also best places to visit while in Egypt. These twofeatures and many others make this country to be one of the mostattractive countries in the world.

ThePyramids of Giza near Cairo in Egypt.

Rightaway from location, cultural heritage, museums and galleries, Norwayis one of the best places to visit in the world. The physicalsceneries and attractions that makes this country be on my best fivecountries to visit are the Fjords mountains and Islands, Nothernlights over Ersfjord village, The Urnes church building and manyothers. Apart from the various kinds of food as well as the people’sculture, this country has many features that very attractive andworth visiting. The view over Geiragefjordenfrom Ornesvingen is an experience to crave for. There are variousmonumental features in this country and the tranquility andhospitality of the people makes it more comfortable for one to visit.A view of Northern Lights over Ersfjord village and Fjords Mountainsand Islands are features to behold while visiting Norway. The FjordsMountains plug into the sea thus making the scenery very attractiveand beautiful. Finland is as well another very best place to visitbecause of its tranquility and many attractive features. The countryhas made so much progress economically due to these features.

FjordsMountains and Islands in Norway


Itis true that every coin has two sides. In as much as there are otherthings that might not be so good about my five best countries, thefeatures that I have aforementioned are more than enough reasons tomake these countries best five. Culture, Physical features, advancedtechnology, peace and tranquility makes the above mentioned countriesto be my best five countries. You should visit one of them to see foryourself.


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