Bryant and his love for horses

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Bryantand his love for horses

Manykids fall in love with small pets, such as cats and dogs, but thecase was different for Dick Bryant. Bryant was born and brought up inSouth Colorado where he grew up in a family of five, including themother, father, a young sister, and their elder brother. His motherwas a housewife, his father worked as farm manager at the Lost ValleyRanch, and his elder brother worked as a supervisor at the LostValley Ranch. Apart from supervising other employees, Bryant, JoeErentz was a superb horse riding coach at the ranch. Bryant visitedthe ranch where his father and the elder brother worked everyweekend.

Bryantwatched as his brother pushed the rubber comb over the horse muscles,moved a stiff brush on the horse’s skin, and placed the tack inplace in preparation for a Saturday horse ride and coaching. AlthoughBryant did not understand the meaning of the routine activities, headmired the determination with which his brother carried them out. Bryant was not allowed to stay near the horses, which forced him towatch the unfolding of routine activities and listen to theconversation between his brother and his coworkers a distance. Hecould smile, admire, and learn through apprenticeship, but he couldnot join the conversation or the horse riding exercise. He did this(watching, listening, and admiring) from the age of nine when hefirst visited the ranch to the age of thirteen years.

Bryantfell in love with horses, not because he ever rode on, but he foundthe horses as special animals and riding them being a trendyactivity. He promised himself that he would ride a horse at east oncein his life. Although Bryant did not speak about it, his love forhorses did not require a narration. By observing Bryant’sdedication to attend the ranch every Saturday, paying attention tothe exercise of preparing horses for the ride, and dreaming out loudwith horses was sufficient to tell that Bryant was in love withhorses. His brother also knew it, but did not bother to ask Bryant oreven inform other family members. Bryant always wanted to ask hisbrother to give him a taste of horse ride, but he was clearlyinformed that the ranch policy could not allow individuals of his ageand body size take a ride.

Itwas during Bryant’s fourteenth birthday when his family organized asurprise party for him. Although Bryant knew that is family wouldjoin him in cerebrating his birthday, he could not foretell the typeof gifts or the magnitude of the cerebrations party. Children fromthe neighborhood made their song presentations, Bryant then brewfourteen candles, and the cake was cut and shared among those whoattended the party as usual. Eventually, the gifts session came andpeople started issuing their presents to Bryant. It was the turn ofhis brother, when Bryant was requested to close his eyes until hewould be asked to reopen them. Bryant could not believe his eyes whenhe saw a white horse wearing a tack written “Bryant at 14” infrom of him. It was an exciting and a memorable moment that willnever vacate his mind. However, the next challenge was to ride thehorse, an exercise he had only watched it happen, but never had apractical experience. It took his brother three days only to trainhim how to prepare the horse and ride on it. Bryant achieved hislifetime dream earlier than he expected.