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BusinessDriven Technology


Technologyhas become one of the key tools in the modern business world.Technology advancement has been brought along differing merits anddemerits to various types of business in the world. This has led tosome being entirely dependent on the technology advancement. Information technology has become a critical element of virtuallyevery business. However, effectively aligning and putting it into useto achieve business goals and objectives is a difficult practice.This paper will focus business-driven technology sorely looking intothe deployment of the technology by the Apple Company to achieve itsbusiness value, and also analyzing the company SWOT analysis. Appleis a multinational company that is located in America that has itsbusiness structure all but based on technology (Apple Inc., 2014).


Overtime, there have been different types of business in operation Appleis one of the internationally recognized technological companies hashad its basic production or line of production based on technologydevelopment and advancement. As mentioned above, Apple Inc. is anAmerican company that is referred by many as a multinationaltechnology company. Its main functions are developing and selling ofelectronics, computer software, and personal computers (Cusumano,2013). The company is best known for its production of the Mac lineof devices in the computer world, as well as production of otherdevices such as an iPod media player, iPhones among many otherrelated technology devices and software’s. Apple company is one ofthe technology-driven business globally, i.e., it depends mostly ontechnology development and breakthroughs to better its customersatisfaction as well as achieve its main objectives. The company wasstarted in 1976, by Steve Jobs, Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, with Jobsbeing credited for much of the company’s development in terms oftechnology adoption and into consumer gadgets (Apple Inc., 2014).

TheApple Company has brought along a massive revolution in the world oftechnology in terms of consumer devices such as experience withmusic, phone industry as well as computer world through itsmagnificent products (Mallin &amp Finkle, 2011). With reference tothe company’s mission statement, the company has embarked on itsdevices in the three areas i.e. music, computer and phonetechnologies.

Appledesigns Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OSX, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digitalmusic revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple hasreinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and AppStore, and is defining the future of mobile media and computingdevices with iPad”(Apple Inc., 2014).

Withreference to business driven technology, this addresses the aspect ofusing technology for business aspects, which has been the primaryaspect of Apple Company among many other business organizations thatare technology driven. The apple company has had a success withinformation technology. It’s clearly evident that the company hasover time depended on technology advancement to increase its globalperformance as well as remain one of the renowned technologydependent companies globally. In 1970s, the Apple Company ignited therevolution of the personal computers, leading to the reinvention ofthe personal computer in the 1980s with the development of theMacintosh. Today, the company still continues to be a leading forcein the technology industry through the innovation of software’shardware’s as well as professional applications. In addition tothis, the company is at the forefront spearheading the digital mediawith the devices such as the iPod, and iTunes, not forgetting being aforce to reckon with in the phone market with its revolutionaryiPhone (Mallin &amp Finkle, 2011).

Applecompany has achieved its business success through the deployment anduse of information, people, and information technology throughfinding a way to make their products unique and interesting theircustomers. Through the use of information Apple, Has managed todetermine in terms of sales what could sell, as well as who would bethe beneficiary of their products in addition to finding pros andcons of their products. Information and technology have played anessential role towards how the Apple Company has achieved itsbusiness objective. This is attributed to the fact that, the companywas successful at managing and processing information effectivelywith the use of computers and software’s to sell the company brand(Cusumano, 2013).

Useof Information Technology to Add Business Value in Apple Company

Oneof the merits with reference to the use of information and technologywithin the Apple Company is that, the management has managed to usetechnology development to attract and maintain customers’ needs andloyalty, which is one essential aspect of a strong businessperformance. In addition, technology has been used in the company tobuild business value. Business value, in a nutshell, means thewellbeing and the health of a business organization which focuses onmore than the economic value of a business. Apple Company hasdeveloped its business values through the use of varying strategies.Some of the company’s business values entail qualities, customs,its business culture, customs and the principles in which the companyuses to help it succeed (Thamir &amp Poulis, 2015).

Oneof the key aspects that technology and information has facilitatedthe building of business value within the Apple Company is the factthat, it has supported and applied to achieve the company’sobjective which entails innovation of new and customer orienteddevices. In addition, it has facilitated the production of softwaretechnology that has enabled the company to offer superior products,which has provided real value to the customers’ needs. The companyhas been elected on the foundation of innovation, providing newproducts that are needed by their customer base. The use oftechnology has enabled the organization to follow its vision, as wellas develop leadership qualities that have been essential towards thedevelopment of the company in terms of business value. This cansummarized as enabling the organization to meet empathy for thecustomers (Palmer &amp Gupta, 2011).

Inaddition, to helping in innovation, information technology has alsoled to the positive social contribution, which has led to thebuilding of a successful business value for the firm. Moreover,technology has enabled the firm to devise an appropriate businessmodel which would support the company’s business and customervalue. Finally, Apple’s business value has been dependent ontechnology development and innovation, and in turn has managed tosupport the company’s culture of building its name through theinnovation of customer-oriented products. Moreover, technology hasbeen used to build customer satisfaction as well as improving theaspect of communication between the firm and its customer base(Cusumano, 2013).

BuyingCriterion for Decision Makers

Ina nutshell, buying criteria are referred as all the information thatis required/needed when a customer is to make a buying decision. Whencustomers are buying products, there are different aspects that needto be known to them, so as to make the correct decision as per theirneeds. Such information that is vital for customers to make the bestdecision entails aspects such as price, product details or features,performance, their impact on the environment, usability among otherdetails. With reference to products from Apple Company, differentinformation may be required by the customer when making decisions.The information may entail details such as uses of the software,phone size, internal memory, warranty, performance features, andadvantages over previous models among many other details. In otherwords, the buying criteria attempts to answer questions such as whatis it, what will I get, why should I buy it, why do I need it, whatis the price, why should I buy it from you? The answers to thequestions would be effective in helping customers to make an informedand confident decision when buying any product (Palmer &amp Gupta,2011).

Theuse of technology has enabled the Apple Company to provide all theavailable information on their products accessible to the customers.This has been through the implementation of easy information searchwhenever the information is needed. In the modern times, theavailability of information has been increased as customers can beable to visit the company stores or search for the informationpertaining to their desired products through the internet. Technologydevelopment has made it easier for the customers to accessinformation easily and anytime it’s needed. In addition, technologyhas enabled the company to devise an effective customer supportsystem, as well as human resource management platforms, which hasbeen on the forefront into providing information to the customerswith regard to making a decision on buying the products (Windahl,2015).

Examplesof Competitors

Inthe modern business world, the issue of business monopoly is hardlyknown, as there are different companies in the same business sector.With reference to the technology industry, there have been numerouscompanies in the market offering their products to the customers.Completion in the technology has been intense in the modern times, aspeople continue to embrace technology through the upcominginnovations and devices (Sahoo,2012).

Oneof the well-known competitors in the phone and tablet products in theApple Company is Samsung. This is a South Korean multinationalcompany that has been one of the main competitors with the Apple interms of smartphone production. Samsung and Apple and been head tohead in terms of who is who in the production of phones, that arequality and in demand by their customers. In addition to Samsung,another example that has been a major competitor to the Apple Companyis the Microsoft Company. Microsoft is an American company that dealswith technology development, manufacture and production of computersoftware’s. It has in turn been a main competitor in terms of thesoftware industry with Apple Company. In addition to Samsung andMicrosoft, other competitors entail the Nokia Company, IBM, and HPamong others (Cusumano,2013).

AppleSWOT Analysis Model (Mallin&amp Finkle, 2011)

TheSWOT analysis has been of the mostly used in many businesses for themanagement to understand the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, andthreats that may face a business entity. The following is a SWOTanalysis for the Apple Inc. Company.


Oneof the major and most important strength that the Apple Inc. companyhas over time managed to enjoy is their strong company loyalty. Thecompany has enjoyed a strong market position and immeasurableconsumer trustworthiness, which has in turn increased the company’scompetitive advantage. In addition to loyalty by its customers, thecompany has also been ranked top in terms of the mobile world as theworld leading innovator. This has again been a positive aspecttowards the company performance in the technology industry. Strongfinancial position, i.e, the company has been with no debts as at2011 financial reports, as well as realizing higher profit marginsthan its competitors. This has given it an upper hand in terms offinancial superiority. Finally, the company has enjoyed a positivebrand reputation which has promoted ad maintained it as a toptechnology related company. Finally, the company has had powerful andeffective marketing and advertising teams which have been on theforefront towards the positive performance of the company products.


Despitethe numerous strengths, the company has been faced with differentweaknesses. One of the major downsides is the high prices of thecompany products. Compared to its competitors such as Samsung, thecompany’s devices have been at higher prices than others, this hasbeen highly felt in the market through reduction of the companysales. In addition to high prices, the company has over time beenreliant to its OS, which has been incompatible with other devices,such as the massively growing Android OS. Additionally, the massivegrowth of the competing companies has resulted in a downward movementin the share market. This led to decreased influence among itscustomers. Another point that has moved a weakness within the AppleInc. Company is the changes within the company management. Since thedeath of influential Steve jobs, one of the company founders, thecompany has never been on the same level as before with its impactdecreasing. Finally, the defects in their new products have been anegative as customers has abandoned their products for others.


Thetechnology industry has been growing in terms of chances, and in turnthere have been opportunities for the Apple Inc. company. One suchopportunity for the company to increase its influence in the marketis the heightened demand for its products such as iPhone 5 and iPadmini. In addition, the launching of the ITV has increased thecompany’s performance in terms of marketing its devices as well asmeeting the customer’s needs. This would go miles in supporting thesale of Company’s products. On the other hand, the increaseddemand of smartphones and tablets, the company has an opportunity toincrease/improve its performance in the technology market further. In addition, positive and strong development of the mobileadvertising market has also been an opportunity for the company tomarket its product, increasing its awareness to potential customersglobally. Finally, the increasing demand for the cloud services isalso an opportunity for the company to expand its performance againstits competitors.


Althoughthe company has had its strengths, opportunities and weaknesses,there are also threats to its effective performance as a technologydriven company. One of the key threats not only to the Apple Companybut to other technology related enterprises, the rapid change intechnology demands has put the company on mark to keep itself updatedwith the technology developments in demand. This would keep itsproducts in demand, but failure to which the company may be renderedobsolete due to more advancement in the technology industry. On theother hand, thecompanies that breach Apple patents might not be discovered soon andmay benefit from it, while weakening Apple at the same time.Another threat to the company performance is the increased demand ofAndroid OS AndroidOS has become the chief competitor for iOS in the mobile devicemarket. The dominance of Android has somewhat shrieked the iOS powerover persuading/attracting consumers to join Apple. Finally, thecompany has been faced with the venture of the competing companies inthe online music market as well as pressureon prices from Samsung over major components


AppleCompany has remained one of the major parties in the technologyindustry. The innovation and adoption of technology have become adeterminant tool towards the performance of a business in the globalmarket. Most importantly, business-driven technology has played a keyrole in the performance of business entities in the technology world.From the information provided, technology has played a key role inthe modern world such as adding the business value throughmaintenance of companies’ culture and performance. In addition, itaffects buying criterion whereby, when used in an effective manner,it can lead to a positive performance of a business. Throughcompetition, Apple Company has managed to maintain its name among thetop performers in the technology business world.


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