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To:all employees

Iwould wish to commend all of you for your support in the attainmentof the company’s business success factors. In the recent times, ourcompany has been going through tough financial times. However, allthe employees have been of great help in making the company standstill in the financial turmoil and I would like to appreciate you foryour great support. We have tried our best in trying in costreduction in all the departments but unfortunately, the company’ssales have continued to go down. In order to maintain profitability,we have concluded that we should re-engineer our workforce.Unfortunately, some of the colleagues have to move from the companyfor the company to meet its expenses. It is very unfortunate but thatis the only way to go.

However,the laid off employees will receive assistance from the company toenable them cope with life before they can secure another job. Ourcompany will overcome the harsh financial times and our sales will goup because the management is working hard to get the company back toits feet. The future is bright in the tech industry and no employeeshould feel insecure because this was just a low season in business.Therefore, you should relax and support us in our efforts make ourcompany better for the laybacks were done to make the firm stronger.

PartB (discussion)

Thefirst consideration in the email is the importance of the employeesin the firm. Therefore, raising their morale is prudent to avoiddemoralizing the employees. As matter of fact, the remainingemployees can either raise the company or kill it depending on thehow well or bad the message has been delivered. Secondly, pointingout the reason for the lay backs and lastly explain what the companyis doing to prevent future lay backs. Most importantly, the languageshould be kept simple and clear. Buffer messages begin the email tothe remaining workers to foreshadow negative messages. Moreover, anapology is important for any negative message to express theemployer’s regrets for the inconvenience caused.

Morefriendly terms should also be used in order not to kill the remainingemployees morale and to maintain the respect for the laid offemployees. For example, one should avoid using terms such as “fired”and instead use “laid off” or call it “a re-engineering plan”(Muckian, 2010) Executives should use opaque jargons to avoid damagingthe company’s public relations due to mass firing. Firing employeescan affect the remaining employees emotionally that is why one needsto use boring language when addressing them this is done to attractless attention and to promote a good working environment.


Ms.Minnie MacElroy,

27694Bay Point Lane,

BonitaSprings, FL 34134.

DearMs. Minnie,

Thankyou for your support in our company as our client. We reallyappreciate the fact that you chose our company out of the manypotential companies in the web design world. However, the economictimes are hard and as you are aware, you have had arrears for sixmonths. We understand your business is not doing well as well but weare requesting that you settle your debt to avoid your site closingdown. According to the provision you signed, your account should berendered nonfunctional by now but due to our considerations to you asour client, we have been patient to avoid inconveniences. Therefore,please settle your debt to avoid any inconveniences. Thank you.


SupervisorShirley Schimdt.


Abusiness letter should be effectively planed before one writesanything. This is to avoid writing casual letters, which is veryunprofessional. In the planning, the first thing to be included isthe buffer statement that prepares the client for the content in theletter. It also reduces the anxiety and makes the client feel more atease unlike when the writer starts with a negative bombshell.Moreover, it makes the letter sound more friendly unlike in thescenario where the writer goes ahead to drop the bad news whichsounds harsh. In the case of Ms. Minnie, the manager is very upsetbut when writing the business letter he does not express hisfrustrations to the client but uses kind word to express himself.

Inbusiness letters, the language should be kept as simple and clear aspossible. The writer should go direct to the key point and not use somany words to describe a point (Geffner,2012).In fact, one can use one word to describe many things in the businessletter. In the long run one needs to take extra care in the wordsthey use in order to prepare the reader psychologically. The morenegative the news are the more vigilant the writer should be inpreparing the reader. To avoid frustrating the client, it is prudentto give them reasons that will help them see the reality of things.For example in the case of Ms. Minnie, she should be given enoughreasons why the company cannot be patient with her any more.


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