Business Writing Skills

BusinessWriting Skills

Principally,business articles are informative, and they should, therefore, bewritten with an ideal format, tone, and language (Cunningham&amp Greene, 2012).In concern to this, business writing is categorised into four maingenres that make the reader have a differentiated understanding andconceptualisation of fact. In business writing, there are academic orperiodical journals that are immense of information as they arerecorded of researched information Cunningham&amp Greene, 2012).The information contained in such is reliable as it is is backed byproof (Cunningham&amp Greene, 2012).Popular articles are ideas from theoretical work that emanate frompopular sources that attract a wide audience but are not justifiable.Moreover, applied articles encompass the various materials abouteconomics that relate to the prevalent economic condition of acountry through the various government agencies (Cunningham&amp Greene, 2012).Finally, creative business writing encompasses the use of fiction anddrama to demonstrate different economic concepts for an in-depthanalysis and comprehension.

Inbusiness writing, textual content determines the level ofcomprehension and understanding of the information by the reader(Cunningham&amp Greene, 2012).In this case, the writer should use an appropriate tone in thearticles. In this case, business articles should follow a semi-formaltone that uses neutral and clear language that the reader canunderstand (Cunningham&amp Greene, 2012)..The writer should avoid the use of informal language since it iswidely used by low-level scholars and formal language that issignificantly constituted by jargon (Cunningham&amp Greene, 2012).The use of first person in business articles does not depictprofessionalism and prowess in business writing and should beavoided. On the same note, business writers should avoid the use ofpassive voice as it illustrates that the author is refraining fromtaking an ideal ownership of the content (Cunningham&amp Greene, 2012)..It is, therefore, important that business writers put in place thenecessary measures to ensure production of ideal content thatattracts the highest level of professionalism and easy ofcomprehension.


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