Case Study Leadership Insight Scores


CaseStudy: Leadership Insight Scores


Transformationalleadership aims at change identification, vision creation to inspirethe direction of the change and to implement the change with devotedgroup members. From the test, I was able to realize that I am open toexperience, conscientious, neurotic and extrovert. Being open toexperience helps in boosting my creativity level that is effectivefor initiating changes. It as well broadens up my mind such that Ican think and avail the big picture of things. Conscientiousnessequips me with the ability to organize things properly so that thereis a clear direction. Neuroticism gives me the necessary anxiety forperformance enabling me escape the effects of lower self-esteem whileoperating in a group. Extraversion is a trait that equips me withaffiliation capabilities that are useful for fitting into the socialenvironment. All these summed up enables me have the couragenecessary to inspire and persuade other people such that they agreeto follow the direction that I propose (Daft &amp Lane, 2015,ch.12).

Visionaryleadership involves having the ability to avail a purpose and meaningof things so that you invigorate followers. From the test, I was ableto realize that am one person who can see things early, complete theconnections, persevere and hold strong convictions about myimaginations. Seeing things early helps me develop accurateconceptual model about the future after careful analysis of thepresent situation. Completing the connections enables me transformthings into their meaningful states and align them according to theircontext. Perseverance and conviction help me to hold onto thingswithout giving up until the intended results are achieved. All theseaspects bound together enables me assure my followers of theanticipated success so that they don’t quit from their tasks (Daft&amp Lane, 2015, ch.13).


Daft,R. L., &amp Lane, P. G. (2015). The leadership experience.Australia: Cengage Learning.