Case Study on American History

CaseStudy on American History


CaseStudy on American History

Thereare some challenges that one would face during the study anddiscussion of American history in the textbook written by Barnes andBowles. For example in the learning about the American Imperialism,we are expected to think of factors that contributed to imperialism.Most articles about the American history have different views on thecause of Imperialism in American. Therefore, it was difficult for meas a learner to choose the various views of the historians.Considering the importance of the Navy’s expansion was alsochallenging as their expansion did bring an immediate end to the war.In the study of Imperialism, scholars argue as if all Americans werevictims of Manifest Destiny, but there was a possibility that not allwere looking down at other nations as stated in the history.

Thediscussion about a progressive expects the presentation of views onthe economy and society in the 20th century. Such presentation waschallenging, as it required a bit of economics knowledge. It wouldnot go well with people that only focused on the history without theability to analyze the economics changes in the country. I askedmyself what other students that were not conversant with economicsknowledge went through in trying to explain the topic on the impactsof American History on the economy. However, in the study of theissues of capitalism and communism, I think that it was fair for theUSSR nations to be given an equal chance as Americans. People were tobe given appropriate freedom to participate in their activities. Incase there was equality, the incidences of fears among the Americansfrom the anticipations of attacks would not have been present.

Iwould pose a question for help in understanding whether my classmatesalso experienced the same challenges as mine. Alternatively, I wouldrequest their views on the sub-topics of American History in theBarnes and Bowles book.