Case Study On-Campus Meal Plan


CaseStudy: On-Campus Meal Plan

CaseStudy: On-Campus Meal Plan

Anon-campus meal plan acts as a convenient way of getting meals whilein the campus. It provides the student with a flexible weekly plan onhow to pay for meals, and is customized to suit one’s program(Hurst, 2012). It as well acts as a great manner for socializingsince this meals are served at specific times and students meet hereto enjoy their meals and chat. It also assisting in freeing up studytime, this is because with an on-campus meal plan, the student is notworried about shopping for food, cooking or preparing his or her ownmeal. The meal plan is both cost friendly and time conservative. Withthe meal plan, the student ID card is credited on a weekly basis withthe money that will be spend on paying for on-campus meals which ismostly cheaper than other alternatives (Wise, Hauser &amp Vault,2007). Chefs with years of experience prepare the meals and freshdrinks, and are passionate in ensuring students get the best meals.There are many reasons for choosing the on-campus meal plan. It makesit possible to budget on meals while in campus, which iscost-effective (Rich, 2013). Students have an array of meals tochoose from, in addition to determining where and at what time toeat. The meal plan usually offers the three main meals which aresevered at set times in accordance with the schools routine. Notablyis that an on-campus meal plan comprises of special offers tostudents. However, there are other equally effective alternatives tothe on-campus meal plan. The student can opt to buy food from outsidecampus, which means spending time and money commuting to and from thealternative source. Second, is the option of preparing, cooking theirown meals, which they carry to campus. Nevertheless, supposing thestudent has to carry other stuff like books or even a laptop, addingmeals to the weight can be tiring.

Question:Lilly is not sure, if or not she should buy an on-campus meal plan.There are alternatives to having the meal plan as described in thecase study. However, given the flexibility, convenience andcost-effectiveness of buying an on-campus meal plan, is itrecommendable for Lilly to purchase the meal plan or not?


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