Causes of Unhappiness


Causesof Unhappiness

Causesof unhappiness

Evenwith all elements of good life brought about by civilization, asignificant number of people are still unhappy. Perhaps, it is as aresult of the startling realities of life that make people in thecurrent world so much unhappy compared to the earlier generations.Specifically, dissatisfaction, disappointments and unrealisticexpectations are the major reasons why explain the high level ofunhappiness.

Asa result of the high level of competition in the society today, mostpeople tend to set extremely high standards for themselves. Evenafter attaining certain level of achievement either in terms ofacademics or career, people still want to achieve more. Thus, insteadof being contented with their present situation, people will stillexpress some level of dissatisfaction that translate to unhappiness.

Closelyconnected with dissatisfaction is the element of disappointment. Atone point in one’s life, they are bound to experience some aspectsof disappointment. However much one tries to avoid disappointments,they will always be there. This is further worsened by the lack ofpreparation for eventualities. Hence, continuous disappointments inthe society are a major cause of unhappiness.

Whileoptimism is encouraged as a virtue, excessive optimism is dangerous.Most people tend to set unrealistic expectations in the process oftrying to better their lives. True, positivism is essential for asuccessful life however, there is a limit as to where one can dream.One should rather have guarded optimism instead of expectingsomething that may never be a reality.

Conclusively,dissatisfaction, disappointments, and unrealistic expectations arethe source of unhappiness. If only people will learn to have aguarded level of optimism and be realistic, they will happily.