Choosing a Successor

Choosinga Successor

Choosinga Successor

Weaknessesand strengths of each of the characters


Eachof the three candidates (Taneshia, Felipe, and Amanda) has bothweakness and strengths. The strengths of Taneshia includeinnovativeness, possession of good entrepreneurial skills, ability toestablish a strong liaison, and transparent. Taneshia has alsodemonstrated dedication at work since she is willing to work extrahours to ensure that the job is completed (Buchbinder &amp Shanks,2012).

Theweaknesses of Taneshia include the use of directive style ofmanagement and being bossy, which is confirmed by the tendency topush people hard. Being unsure whether she will pursue a master’sdegree indicates that Taneshia is not progressive.


Thestrengths of Felipe include being a good negotiator, a strongengaging personality, a high level of integrity, and the use ofparticipative style of management. Pursuing a masters degree indicatethat Felipe is progressive. Working overtime and going an extra mileindicate Felipe’s dedication at work. Felipe has the ability tolink different stakeholders, including the community and otheremployees. His age (29 years) is important for the center whoseobjectives include attracting younger clients (Buchbinder &ampShanks, 2012).

Felipe’sweaknesses include the lack of experience in managing other employeesand dishonesty. Dishonesty is demonstrated by the decision to attendclasses during the working hours without informing his boss.


Amanda’sstrengths include a high level of integrity and the ability to coachthe juniors. Amanda has an experience of many years (10 years) in theleadership positions and has been managing many employees. She hasthe ability to interact and share knowledge and skills with otheremployees. Her old age (45 years) may limit her ability to understandand attract younger clients (Buchbinder &amp Shanks, 2012).

Similarto other candidates, Amanda has some weaknesses. The use ofaggressive approaches in dealing with clients may prohibit thecenter’s ability to attract clients. The decision not to pursuehigher educational levels indicates that Amanda is not a progressiveleader. Lack of ability to accommodate people from differentbackgrounds may not be good for a diverse workforce (Greenberg,2015).


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