Coding for V codes


Codingfor V codes

1. History of hypertension

V12.54referring to personal history of other diseases of circulatory system

2. Family history of mental illness

V17.0- Family history of psychiatric condition.

3. Exposure to rabies- V01.5

V01.5- Contact with or exposure to rabies.

V15.85- Personal history of contact with and (suspected) exposure topotentially hazardous body fluids.

4. History of tuberculosis

V12.01-Personal history of tuberculosis.

V15.85-Personal history of contact with and (suspected) exposure topotentially hazardous body fluids

5. Allergy to penicillin

V14.0-Personal history of allergy to penicillin

6. History of neglect

V15.42-History of emotional abuse

7. Family history of breast cancer

V16.3-Family history of malignant neoplasm of breast

8. Counseling for contraception

V25.09-Other general counseling and advice on contraceptive management

9. Single liveborn

V30.00-Single liveborn, born in hospital, delivered without mention ofcesarean section

10. Well baby check

V20.32- Health supervision for newborn 8 to 28 days old

11. Routine postpartum follow-up

V24- Postpartum care and examination

12. Follow-up care after surgery

V24.0– Follow up after delivery

V24.2–follow up after cosmetic surgery

V51.0–aftercare after plastic surgery.

13. Preschool examination

V70.5- Health examination of defined subpopulations

14. Screening mammogram

V76.11- Screening mammogram for high-risk patient

15. HIV screening

V08- Asymptomatic human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] infection status

16. Hemophilia A carrier, asymptomatic

V83.01- Asymptomatic hemophilia a carrier

17. Counseling for victim of child abuse

V61.11-Counselingfor victim of spousal and child abuse

18. Person living alone

V60.3- Person living alone

19. Bone marrow donor

V59.3- Bone marrow donors

20. Unemployment

V62.0– Unemployment


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