Manypeople have been struggling to understand the best habits that theycan develop on being healthy. With the increase in healthycomplications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, among others,people have been worried about the best eating practices that theycan adopt in ensuring that they develop healthy lifestyles. Thereason behind why most people are concerned about healthy eating isbecause most of the current health complications are related to theeating practices by people. In light of these issues, there have beennumerous questions on the best combination of healthy eating that ahealthy person should adhere to in ensuring that they get rid of thehealth complications arising from unhealthy eating.

Somepeople have been advocating for consumption of non-organic foods asthe only eating habit that people should develop in ensuring thatthey keep their body fit. On the other hand, some people have alsoadvocated for less intake of fatty foods as the secret to healthyeating. Such propositions raise the question on whether healthyeating is limited to specific kind of choices or it is much biggerthan that. Health is diverse, and it is possible to maintaindifferent eating habits and still be healthy. Both groups might havesome similarities and differences but the main goal is healthier lifeand healthy eating. Therefore, healthy eating cannot be limited to aspecific eating habit but can be considered a collective effort by anindividual in ensuring that they watch what they eat and ensuringthat they are up to date on all the health issues surrounding them.

Ahealthy diet is one of the major ingredients of a healthy life. Whensomeone eats right, they are able to maintain their weight and beable to overcome the health issues of being overweight. There arevarious health complications that are created by being overweight. Anoverweight person is highly predisposed to health complications suchas diabetes, certain cancers, heart diseases, which have beenconsidered as the leading reasons for death for average people. Beingan overweight person also attracts other common complications such asgout. The American Hearts Association provided that an excess weightof the body increases both the diastolic and systolic the bloodpressure, which contributes up to 24% on the risk of an individualgetting stroke. Increase in weight of an individual increases thecholesterol levels, which increases heart related complications by45%. According to Simon, there has also been association of increasedweight of an individual to diabetes. This is because most of thefoods that are taken by the obese have high levels of sugars, whichtend to increase levels of blood sugar. Uncontrolled blood sugarlevels also lead to major health complications related to kidneyfailure, and other major body organs (Simon 33). In addition to theattraction of killer diseases, being an overweight person has alsobeen strongly associated with depression, which affects thelifestyles of many people. Depression leads to many healthcomplications such as heart failure, mental problems, all of whichcan easily lead to death. Therefore, weight is one of the importantaspects that should be considered when discussing on healthy eatingand maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Asnoted herein, poor diet leads to an individual being overweight,which predisposes them to both the killer diseases and minor healthcomplications such as gout. This therefore means that one of the waysof reducing the health effects of being overweight or obese is bychecking on weight. Checking on weight has been considered as one ofthe most effective ways that people can adopt in ensuring that theydo not fall into the category of people being attacked by healthcomplications such as diabetes, heart complications, cancers, andeven kidney failures. One of the most successful companies in thefight for health and wellness is the Weightwatchers. The major aim ofthis company is to ensure that its customers are constantly checkingon their weight through exercise and healthy eating practices. Thecompany also conducts regular meetings with their customers on theirimprovement on being able to watch their weight by maintaining theireating habits. The efforts carried out by the company show that thecompany has noted weight is one of the major factors that influence ahealthy lifestyle. Therefore, checking on weight is an importantaspect that should be considered in ensuring that an individualmaintains a healthy living (Weightwatchers web).

Thewake of the Industrial Revolution saw the growth of industries, whichhas revolutionized the manner in which people have been living. Thearea of concern that the Industrial Revolution has impacted is thefood production. Since the introduction of industries, foods are nowbeing manufactured in industries through chemicals and packed inchemically manufactured packaging, which has affected the intake ofchemicals in the body of the people who purchase and consume suchfood. In addition to food production, industrial revolution alsoinfluenced the farming practices by introducing fertilizers, whichalso affect the chemical composition of food plants, thus influencingthe chemical intake in the body. Through the intake of excesschemical intake, some processes within the body are affected and theindividual is predisposed to health complications such as cancer,kidney failure, or other diseases associated with excess intake ofchemicals in the body. According to Simone et al., The Fast Foodsthat many people are fond of taking are also classified in thiscategory. Fast foods are known of their large percentage of caloriesin their content, which is the main cause of individuals beingoverweight and being predisposed to killer diseases. This is because,fast foods have a high content of calories, which when takenconsistently lead to increase in the fat content in the body andresultant increase in the body weight. Therefore, the current trendsin industrialization have also contributed greatly to the issue ofhealthy eating and should be an area of concern when discussing thehealthy eating habits (Simone 47).

Theidentified causes of the major health issues created by the eatinghabits by individuals require creation of an effective framework thatrecognizes the effective manner on how people should undertake theirfoods. For example, adding salad to a meal creates a more stablecombination of ingredients which make the food healthier as comparedto a food that does not have a salad. As put by Eisinger et al intheir article, “CustomersPurchasing Organic Food – do they Live Healthier?” startinga health habit might not be easy but individuals should be able todevelop small habits, which grow to become their character whenshaving meals in ensuring that they are in best form of their health.The other recommendation that Eisenger has made is the creation ofpersonal meals. When creating personal meals, it becomes easier tocontrol the amount of ingredients such as fat and sugar, which areimportant in determining the health level of any particular meal. Inaddition to the control of the ingredients used in the meal, it ispossible for an individual to make the correct dietary changes withinthe meal. Due to the knowledge that they have on healthy eating,individuals are better placed in replacing unhealthy foods withhealthy foods, which improves their healthy eating (Eisinger 66).

Inhealthy eating, counting of the number of calories in any meal hasbeen a major concern during healthy eating. Many people think thatmore intakes of calories influence the amount f fat in their body andhelp them not to increase their weight. According to Ucar, peopleshould be able to consider the general ingredients in their mealother than concentrating on calories. As noted, there are otheringredients in a meal that should be considered such as color,variety, freshness, and the overall quality of the food that is beingpurchased. In order to acquire the right information about the foodthat people are buying, the people should be in a position to readall the labels in a food packaging container. The labels provideimportant information regarding the percentage of the ingredients inthe particular food, thereby providing information tothe buyer ofthe food on the quality of food that an individual is buying (Ucer31). The feeling after a meal is also a consideration that should beconsidered during healthy eating. Many people will get back to theirusual activities after completing a diet, regardless of the generalfeeling that they have after taking the diet. In a report provided bythe Food Institute, fast foods make the consumer feel uneasyincluding a headache, nausea, and drained energy. In the report,people are being advised to take large amounts of water after havingfast foods in order to reduce the level of toxicity contained in thefast foods (Claire 289). Moderation in food intake is also one of themajor factors that should be considered in healthy eating. In foodmoderation, an individual has to understand the amount of food thattheir body can take. Based on the information provided in theEuropean Journal of Food Research and Review, an individual should beable to understand their level of satisfaction, which is differentfrom eating until the stomach is full. Some of the overweight peoplehave been known to develop a habit of taking huge chunks of foodregularly, which contribute to the calories in their body andsubsequent predisposition to killer diseases. During moderation, itis also important to ensure that the food that one is taking isbalanced. Through such practices, it becomes possible to maintain ahealthy lifestyle, which goes along with a long life (Eisinger 69).

Oneof the unhealthiest eating habits that many people have developed iseating on fast food restaurants. Examples of renowned restaurantsthat provide these unhealthy foods include Taco Bell. Kentucky, andMcDonald`s. The lives of the majority of the people living in thecity are usually occupied, having to work up to odd hours of the day,which leaves them with the option of visiting fast food restaurantson a daily basis. Despite such busy schedules that most people incities have, it is highly advisable that they should be able tocreate a schedule where they are able to watch what they eat and thefrequency in which they are having certain foods, in ensuring thatthey do not endanger their lives by being busy with work or school atthe expense of their health (Zinczenko par. 3).

Manypeople confuse healthy eating with deprivation of one`s favoritefoods. It is possible to develop healthy eating habits withoutfailing to eat one`s favorite foods such as chips, sausages, orhamburgers. Many people have been lured into thinking that healthyeating involves being extremely thin and skipping meals in order tohave that desired shape, which is to be admired by most people.According to Zinczenko in his article, “Don`tBlame the Eater,”healthyeating should not involve creating a poor feeding habit that does notmake one happy, but should be an activity that an individual shouldenjoy doing. In order to become happy with the diet that one takes,which is balanced and considered healthy by a nutritionist, anindividual should be able to develop a differentiated diet that istasty whose composition goes along with the mind and the body. Such achoice will ensure that an individual creates a healthy eating habit,which concurs both with the needs of the body and moods (Zinczenkopar.10).

Oneof the major reasons why people develop poor eating habits is thelack of information. Lack of information has created an environmentwhere people are making poor decisions on their habits of eating,making them to continue endangering their lives by eating unbalanceddiets. Zinczenko has asserted that many young people have completelyindulged themselves to unhealthy living without knowing due to thelack of information. Therefore, people should be informed on thechoices that should be able to make concerning their eating habits inensuring that they are able to manage their diets for the good oftheir health (Zinczenko par.8).

Itis highly advisable that people should avoid fast food at all costssince they contribute greatly to the unhealthy eating habits ofindividuals. People should learn to eat only one meal in a fast foodrestaurant on any given day. The rampant reliance of fast foods inAmerica is due to the lack of alternatives especially among theyouth. The unhealthy eating habits are due to the increase in thefast foods restaurants compared to shops that offer healthy foods.Zinczenko affirms that one of the major concerns on healthy eatingamong the young adults is America is due to the increase inrestaurants offering fast foods as compared to the shops offeringhealthy diets such as fruits. He provides an example where one inAmerica can drive past 13, 000 fast food restaurants and find veryfew shops that are offering healthy foods. Therefore, the fast foodindustry has therefore been acclaimed more than any other foodbusiness, which affects the diet patterns of the people (Zinczenkopar. 7).

Inconclusion, healthy eating is a common issue in the society that hassparked controversy on the best habits that maintain healthy eatingin an individual. Some people believe that healthy eating involvessticking on certain feeding habits. However, research has affirmedthat there is a multiplicity of factors that should be considered inhealthy eating. Information provided here in states that attaining ahealthy eating habit is not depriving oneself their choices of foodbut ensuring that they make the right choices when preparing andbuying food, which align with the nutritional requirements of theirbodies. Therefore, healthy eating cannot be limited to a specificeating habit but can be considered a collective effort by anindividual in ensuring that they watch what they eat, and ensuringthat they are up to date on all the health issues surrounding them.


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