Comment for Essay 1 by Chase

Commentfor Essay 1 by Chase

Ifind the post by the student responding to the prompt that most ofthe information that we share is not kept private. The post gives adescription of the Apparat in the book, as the thing that revealsinformation about people to the world. I find the likening of theApparat with the internet as an appropriate aspect of comparison bythe student. This is because the post describes the two as the same,where the internet represents the Apparat in the real world. I alsofind the student describing technology appropriately, as the aspectof modern life that relates to the commentary that Shteyngartgives in the dystopian book.

Commentfor Essay 2 by Ian Whalen

Inthis post, Ian Whalen describes the social media, the grotesquerating system and the Apparat as the things that affect the humancloseness. While this relates to the book, I find it drifting awayfrom the prompt by not explaining why the human closeness is beingaffected and why Lenny and Eunice find it difficult achieving humancloseness. I find Ian Whalen’s post responding to a differentaspect of the prompt than the human disconnect. Reading through theWhalen’s post, I find it insufficient to answer the issues of thestruggle for inclusion, validation and acceptance as characters ofhuman interaction.