Comment for Essay 1 by Kelly

Commentfor Essay 1 by Kelly

Thestudent appropriately responds to the type of fears that she has overthe modern culture. The description of the fear of lack of resourcesshows how the student understands of the challenges facing the modernculture. However, the student does not describe the specificresources that she fears would bring fear. Despite that, the essayclearly identifies the results of the lack of resources, such aschaos in the society. This observation appropriately resonates withthe readings of the week. According to the reading by Diebel, theworld seems to be in disarray as represented by the literature andfilms. The description of the student successfully points of thisargument.

Commentfor Essay 2 by Laura

Thestudent successfully presents her view about the fears that she feelsthat the society has over the modern culture. The student identifiesthe aspects of fear that are presented by the dystopian world asdescribed by the dystopian literature. By describing the instances ofviolence and terror, the student explains the fear of a violentfuture as one of the main concerns of the society towards the modernculture. The student further presents the fear of ill health byindicating the impact of the modern culture on the health of humanbeings. This is explained as a cause of the existence of the fear,and the direct impact of the adoption of a culture that leads to poorhealth. This way, the student explains her fears and givesappropriate examples to support the arguments.