Comment for Essay 1 by Megan

Commentfor Essay 1 by Megan

Thestudent successfully identifies the things that drive the inaction byKatniss in relation to the injustices that she is going on. Thestudent provides an explanation of the reasons why she feels thatKatniss is not taking action. The student further presents the needfor survival as a reason for not taking any action against thesystem. These reasons for inaction resonate with the reasons for mostof the people in our own future. By defending Katniss, the studentidentifies with the situations that Katniss has to endure in order tocater for her family. This makes the post by the student insightfulabout the story.

Commentfor Essay 2 by Hannah

Thestudent explains that the setting of survival as the primary focus byKatniss makes her take no actions against the system. The studentexplains why the need for survival is important for Katniss, and shehas to do what is necessary for her and the people she cares. Thestudent further explains that the society seems to keep people busylooking for survival, that they cannot set to concentrate on takingaction against injustices. The student also identifies fear as amajor factor that causes the inaction of Katniss against theinjustices in the system.