Comment for Group mate 1

Commentfor Group mate 1

Thepost by the student explores a valid and appropriate topic of cyberbullying, which relates to experiences of many people today. Bylinking cyber bullying with academic performance, the studentpresents a good topic for research with good research variables tostudy. In addition, the student successfully identifies the dependentvariable and the independent variable of his research study. Thismakes the research hypothesis valid and appropriate for collectinginformation on the field. However, the student does not state theresearch question that would link the independent variable to thedependent variable of the study. However, the student takes a goodresearch method of survey, as the method that will take him to thefield to collect information. The post also quotes an artifact thatdirectly relates to the problem in the research and gives theobservations made.

Commentfor Group mate 2

Thestudent successfully identifies a topic that is relevant to thefamily life and experienced by many parents. To validate the topic,the student appropriately uses a news artifact that directly relatesto the relationship between parents going out and having children.The student selects the survey as the best method for collectinginformation, and gives a valid rationale for the selected method. Atthe same time, the student provides appropriate questions that wouldbe useful for the collection of information about the study. However,the student does not give an express research question that wouldguide his research. Despite this, the topic is well explained toprovide the hypothesis and the variables, all which relate to thetopic. The student successfully concludes the post by providing thelinks to the artifact as required for the post.