Comparable Worth



Despitethe government of U.S. implementing new like signing equal pay billto abolish the wage inequalities on ground of the gender, male arestill paid more than the women. Considering that that thequalifications of women being employed have increased, there have notbeen an equity in market’s wage-setting process (Misra&amp Murray-Close, 2014).According to a research carried out on the matter, it showed thatdespite all the laws implemented to reduce the discrimination inwages have not changed over a decade with women earning about 78percent of men pay with those who are childless being paid 82 percentof what males holding similar jobs being paid (Misra&amp Murray-Close, 2014).The persistence of gender wage gap have prompted citizens beconcerned on actions that can be taken to end this discriminationconsidering both genders are equally expected to show similar successin their work for economy efficiency. The wages inequality iscontribute to intransigence of discrimination in hiring, positionrank held in the job and also breaks in employment. One of the remedytaken upon by the U.S government to deal with the issue is to mandatecomparable worth standards.

Thisinvolves extending the current mandate of an employer pay equal wagesto all their workers in the same jobs in a firm, where equivalent jobis classified as one whose performance involves commensurate skillslike education and training requirements, and also effort, workingconditions and responsibility. Encouraging comparable worth willmotivate the employers not to consider the worker’s paychecks ontheir sex but the job content. This is because some jobs areundervalued because they are largely held by women and instills thequalified people especially men that they have little wages (Misra&amp Murray-Close, 2014).

Ratherthan relying on supply and demand conditions in market to determinethe wages, comparable worth advocates propose that job evaluationstudy on all jobs should be conducted and evaluated. Then the jobsshould be paid according to those attributes included in evaluationwhere those jobs with similar score should be paid same amount (Misra&amp Murray-Close, 2014).The unions which bargain on the wages to promote comparable worth tonarrow wage discrimination on gender basis should do a collectivebargaining than relying on legislative actions which besides, is alsomore simpler. All groups should be neutral and not take any side asthe case with many remedies focused on dealing with gender-relatedwages scale which only focuses on women and forget men position.

Thoseexceptions in equal pay such as seniority, productivity and merit paymust also be gender neutral as men who held senior positions equalwith a woman in equal jobs should be paid equally. This will avoiddevaluation of women work which is the cause of all the problem ineconomy performance of United States as many employers compare theusefulness of both men and women and forget that they exhibitdifferent characteristics but they should be the cause for unfairpay. Also, comparable worth should be implemented in all of thestates as required by the Equal Pay Act of 1963 as there are nosocial, political, economy or legal dissension over equal pay forequal work (Misra&amp Murray-Close, 2014).Wage scales should be set based on the job valuation that determinethe rate of payment of each job no matter who hold that position.Women should also promote fair paychecks by negotiating on fair payfor jobs which require similar skills and devotion like that held bymen.


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