Computersvs. Autos

Theadvent of technology in the 1920’s in the automobile industryincreased the movement of people in the vast country of the UnitedStates. On the other hand, the information age in the 1990’sintroduced computers to the American society and since thencommunication and business process have changed [CITATION Placeholder2 p 730 l 1033 ].In this essay, the author will discuss how computers have changedAmerican life and also compare the impact of the automobile visa vis that of the computer.

Inthe 1990’s, a survey conducted on Americans showed that 42% ofAmerican owned a personal computer [ CITATION Fox14 l 1033 ].While the information age saw the emergence of information technologycompanies lots of companies also closed shop. Computers changed theway people had access to information and communicated with eachother. Forinstance, the number of handwritten mails declined drastically. Inaddition, computers changed the way American socialized as computergames also came to life. This made most Americans stay indoors asthey could access pretty much anything through their personalcomputers.

Theindustrial age was marked by increased movement of goods and servicesfrom one part of the country to another. Prior to the industrial agein America, people depended on trains in ferrying raw materials andpeople from one region to another. However, the advent of theautomobile industry reduced the time people spent on traveling fromdays to hours. It also introduced an element of privacy as peoplerelied more on private means as opposed to public means oftransportation [ CITATION Bak92 l 1033 ].Computers changed the way Americans could access information andcommunicate with each other. They also changed the way peoplesocialize as some people interact with computers more than they dowith human beings.


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