Convention purpose




Thisdocument aims at organizing the convention which is patterned afterthe experience of the upper room (Acts 1:13-14, 2:1-4). Theconvention will at achieving a number of objectives.

  • One of the objectives is celebrating Jesus Christ our king. The occasion will keen to nourish as well as honour Lord Jesus Christ who is the king of glory in deep worship and praises. The saints who will have gathered will offer reasonable services for Jesus’ pleasure (1 Peter 2:5, Heb. 13:15, Romans 12:1). The ultimate goal is that the king may be glorified in the midst of His chosen people.

  • The second objective will be perfecting the saints. It will be a golden moment and opportunity for the members as well as other participants to experience transformation via the instrumentality of the word and prayer ministries (Jude 1:20, Acts 20:32, Eph. 4:11-13). The event will have effective discipleship that will drive the righteous behaviours as well as a visible sonship mark like that of the upper room.

  • The third objective will be nurturing and strengthening the family bond. The convention will aim at promoting the family interactions as well as increasing oneness until all brethren will come to the unity of faith. Bonding activities such as communion, workshop sessions, impactful exhibitions and sharing among others will be evident in the convention (John 17:20-22, Eph. 3:8-10).

  • The forth objective will be impacting the society so as to enrich the kingdom. This shall be done via intercessory prayers which will be targeted at dismantling particular society ills and sowing a seed of righteousness (Jer. 1:10, Matt. 16:19). Compassionate work of demonstrating the light of the gospel will be carried out (Matt. 25:31-46, Matt. 5:13-16).

  • The fifth objective will be celebrating the MPIF 7th Anniversary. The convention’s key focus is recapping the journey so far, thanking the Lord for our today and asking the Lord to reenergize us so as to keep aglow the ministry principles for a glorious future (Col. 3:17, 1 Tim. 6:12).

  • The sixth and the final objective will be attracting families into the household of the king. The invited guests will be made the family members and we will also welcome them to be the kingdom heirs into the fold. The kingdom heirs are individuals who have joined but have not been welcomed officially into the fold (Acts 2:41-47, Acts 6:7, Esther 8:16-17).

ChapterPolicy Statement

Thepolicy statement of this chapter is “operating functional chaptersin the locations reachable of very individual in the world forkingdom glory and dominion.”

Thechapter policy thrust

Itcan be termed as “the centre for building concept.” This meansthat it will be a place for coaching or teaching. In other words, itis a centre for discipleship where the kingdom principles are builtin lives of the members. It will be a place for cultivating andtransforming of the kingdom lifestyle.

Grassroot fellowship centre

Itwill also be a grass root fellowship centre. This will be a localfellowship unit or a family house. It will also be a place forinteracting and bonding oneness. Similar interests, goals, values anddoing things together are shared in this centre. The relationshiphere rubs off on one another.

Amodel of excellence

Itwill also be an excellence model. The chapter is meant to be a placewhere the heavenly patterns are replicated in everything that we doand in the manner in which we organize things. The hope is that thevisitors and the members behold these Godly living patterns, theirlives will be impacted.

Afunctional platform

Thechapter also aims at becoming a functional arm where all theministries are both internally and externally expressed. It affordsthe members at every level opportunity in serving some capacity orother. It helps the saints to be fully responsible. It is a placewhere the leadership skills are transferred and developed.


Interms of membership the criteria to be identified as an MPIF activemember is becoming a good standing member in the local chapter. Thechapterkeeps every member’s records and his household. All the benefitsand commitments of the membership are administered at the chapterlevel.

Joshuageneration scheme

TheJoshua Generation Scheme is another aspect considered in thischapter. It is termed as the Jesus’ family. It is at the level ofchapter where JGS gets implemented. The program aims at encouragingthe members to aspire to higher grounds in terms of kingdomadvancement. The JGS is designed at enabling all the members to winand also nurture through the leading of the Holy Spirit at least asingle soul for the kingdom. The overall goal is edifying and addingto the body of Christ systematically via the principle ofdiscipleship, multiplication, generation and companionship.


Kingdomwealth is another aspect encompassed in the chapter. The finishedwork of Jesus Christ is not just limited to the heaven (Col.1:20). Jesus is both the Lord and savior of all and as such all thethings shall abide by Jesus only. He created all the things for Hispurpose. Kingdom wealth is significant for the expansion andsustenance of the kingdom. We have an obligation of managing thekingdom’s wealth for God’s glory. These resources are harness atthe chapter level as well as within the locally available resources.

Centerfor value delivery

Thecenter for value delivery is the final aspect considered in thechapter. In other words is a place of seeing the tangible kingdomvalues (Acts 2:42, Gen. 1:31). The target is every member to beperfected in Christ. Similarly, as a family all members will come tothe unity of faith (Col. 1:28, Eph. 4:11-13). In other words, all themembers are supposed to be seen manifesting God’s glory in allaspects of their lives in essence it is the testimony of Christ inall members and their households.