Copernicus Personal Life and Discovery

CopernicusPersonal Life and Discovery

Copernicusdiscovery of the heliocentric solar system was made possible by anumber of factors. Key among these factors is the personal aspects ofCopernicus and his personal life. The personal life influenced thediscovery of the heliocentric solar system by promoting thecharacters that shaped the development of the theory and writing ofbooks about the solar system. In addition, the personal life providedthe experiences that drove the direction of his knowledge andcharacter towards the study of the solar system. The discussion aboutthe life of Copernicus will comment on how his personal life made thediscovery of the heliocentric solar system possible.

Copernicushad the human desire to discover how the world existed and explainhow he felt the world was organized. The main drive of Copernicustowards the discovery of the heliocentric solar system was thepersonal desire to demystify the contemporary belief of the world. Asa result of this character, Copernicus kept a life of commitmenttowards the desire to explain the universe by mystifying thecontemporaries (Koestler 1). The personal desire is seen in thededication he had to explain the heliocentric solar system and writea book on the same. While the book came to be during his death, itmarked the personal dedication of Copernicus towards his beliefs.

Adoptionof a curious character was a personal aspect of Copernicus that madethe heliocentric solar system possible. He had an inquisitivecharacter that made him question the existence of the universe,understand the theories that had been set forth, and criticize themappropriately. The explanation of the system was not just a mereguesswork, but a result of a curious feature in his character(Koestler 1). The time he took to write the book and publish itattests to the critical nature of his curious character. This was thecharacter that drove the commitment to unravel the mystery of theuniversal system. This character opened the way for the adoption ofthe drive to discover the heliocentric solar system and describe thediscovery in his book.

Theearly life of Copernicus was influenced by his uncle, Lucas, who tookcare of the siblings after the death of the Copernicus’ father(Koestler 1). Through the upbringing by the uncle, Copernicus learnedthe feature of believing in what other people did not, and ability tostick to his opinion, just as his uncle Lucas was. The dedicatednature of Copernicus’s personal life was as a result of theinfluence of his caretaker uncle Bishop. The strong foundation thathe got from the upbringing by Lucas opened him to the world andassociation with the people that shaped his life. He was also exposedto education through the guidance of his bishop uncle, which led tothe learning of science and mathematics.

Theeducation that Copernicus acquired made all the difference in theprocess of discovering the heliocentric solar system. His educationat Cracow University to study mathematics and optics was furthercombined with his study of canon law at Bologna. The educationexposed him to the views by the previous thinkers and geographerslike the famous Ptolemy. The education developed his perspectiveabout the universe, and sharpened his perception and observation thatdiscovered the heliocentric solar system. The discovery was as aresult of his individual work that did not involve any consultationto anyone and relied on his personal character and knowledge. Thelone work was because of the controversial nature of his discoveryand the potential of the theory to challenge the church believes.

Atthe same time, friends and people who associated themselves withCopernicus also made it possible for his discovery and book tohappen. The personal life with other people created the rightenvironment for his critical assessment of the world, and the solarsystem. After writing his book, the Copernicus was hesitant topublish it, may be because of the doubt about the contents of thetheory. However, his friends kept a keen interest in his publication,and supported the idea that he should publish the book. One of thefriends was GeorgeRheticus, who helped with the printing and theBishop of Kulm, Tiedemann Giese (Koestler 1). According to theaccounts, Giese helped in the distribution the book to the people hethought were of interest (Koestler 1). This contribution may not havemade a direct impact to the discovery of the solar system, but gavethe environment that inspired Copernicus to follow his passion.

Thepersonal life of Copernicus had a significant contribution to thediscovery of the heliocentric solar system. The personal life at homeand growing with his brother Andreas under the care of Bishop Lucasshaped his character towards believing the non-contemporary andcritically understanding the universe. His education opened him toknowledge of the universe and the cultivation of an inquisitivecharacter. In addition, the personal life with friends facilitatednot the discovery, but the publication and distribution of the bookthat theorized the heliocentric solar system. This way, the personallife of Copernicus made his discovery of the heliocentric solarsystem possible.


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