Court Hearing Experience Provo City Justice Court

CourtHearing Experience Provo City Justice Court

Asthe name suggests, Provo City Justice Court is located in Provo Cityand the specific address is JusticeCourt Building 75 E 1700 S, Suite 100 Provo, UT&nbsp 84606. Thecourt provides justice that is community oriented, which isconsistent with the needs of Provo City. The authority of the justicecourt covers misdemeanors in classes B and C, violations andinfractions of city ordinances, which include zoning and parkingviolations committed in Provo City. Further, the court addressesunsophisticated claims, which falls within the jurisdiction of ProvoCity. The residents of the city enjoys a structured community courtthat is suitable for the public responding to a variety of justiceneeds.

Severalcases were handled during the court session and getting the exactcase docket numbers court numbers was problematic, especiallyconsider the numbers were being read very fast. All the cases wereunique and interesting and this made it hard to focus on a specificcases. Honorable Romney was the presiding judge during the entirecourt session that was held on the 8thday of June 2015.

Duringthe court session, a couple of observations were evidenced withregard to the dispensation of justice process. Most importantly,relatively fair verdicts were passed by the judge depending with themagnitude of the offense committed by the accused person. Given thatthe court’s jurisdiction covers small offenses and claims, most ofthe verdicts involved small fines and being committed to communityservice. In case of community service, the defendant was required toprovide clear documentation proving his participation and completionof the entire stated period.

Thecourt session also made it apparent that it was extremely imperativefor the defendant to abide by all laws of the land during theprobation period, especially refraining from being involved in thefelony that made them appear in court in the first. In the event thatthe defendant violated any law, new charges would be opened againstthe individual and any leniency in the previous sentence would besuspended.

Further,before the charges were read by the judge to the defendant, thedefendant was required to give the accurate and viable mailingaddress. The defendant was also required to update the court of anychanges to the said address accordingly. Once the charges were read,I observed that the judge asked the defendant to present his plea.Whether the plea was either guilty or innocent, the accused or hisattorney was required to provide factual evidence to support theplea. The judge made clear the consequences and conditions of theplea that was taken by the defendant. In either cases, the judgeensure that the defendant clearly understood the obligationsregarding the same.

Finally,I did observe that representation from an attorney was aconstitutional right for the defendant. Most importantly, it wasapparent that the judge followed the recommendations made by theattorney regarding the preferred judgment. However, therecommendations were not abiding to the judge who was free givemaximum sentence and fine to a felon. However, cases ofself-representation were also acceptable in court, provided thedefendant was aware of his constitutional rights of being representedby a lawyer and wiling to waiver the right in favor ofself-representation. In general, the court session provided anexceptional experience of justice dispensation and the importance ofdue process. The ProvoCity Justice Court gave a positive picture justice system in thecity.