Creating work motivation and satisfaction are two crucial roles of a


human resource department of every organization. The events industryis a dynamic and competitive industry and therefore the employees inthis industry must remain motivated and committed to their work. Jobsatisfaction and motivation at the work place ensures that employeesare retained in an organization for a long time. This is a crucialelement in an organization since it implies that skills and knowledgeare retained and this contributes to the success of the organization.Motivated employees are said to perform well than employees who lackmotivation. Job satisfaction ensures that employee turnover is lowand therefore there is consistency in performance. For anyorganization to remain competitive, it must have a vibrant andmotivated workforce.

Events industry organizations must have rewards systems to favortheir employees who perform well. This is one way of motivatingemployees. Secondly, employees need to be recognized when theyperform well. Supervision of employees should be minimized andemployees should be given the freedom to work and manage their ownwork. There should be good working environment to motivate employees.

Always ensure that employees are promoted based on merit andperformance. Organizations should always ensure that employees arenot stuck in the same position for a very long time. It is alsoparamount to assign employees tasks that they can manage to handleeffectively. There are various challenges that are associated withmotivating employees and creating job satisfaction. Resources formotivating employees through reward systems and retreats are scarcein the events industry. This forces the organizations to abandon someof the crucial strategies for motivating employees and creating jobsatisfaction. Differences in personality and age also pose achallenge for events industry organizations.