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Question1 a

EugeneSaturday marketing performing and handcrafted art work are the twoarts and creative production discussed during the week because theyartists and performing artists the chance to showcase their artistrytalents.

Question1 b

EugeneSaturday market is an amazing art production since it is a platformthrough which performing artists get the chance to display theirartistry expertise as well as work. This art production is anexcellent arena through which performing artists get the chance toshow the public their talents in art work as well as handcraftdesigns and masterpieces. The aspects of perfection, precision andaccuracy are the foundations through which artists can relate withtheir target audience in relaying their intended message. In orderfor the art production to be successful, the artists have to exercisethe role of professionalism and customer service are vital becausethey are the ingredient for drawing the flow of clients into the artproduction events (Streisinger, &amp Saturday Market, 1970).


EugeneSaturday market is a non-profit organization founded by LotteStreisingeron the Saturday of May 9, 1970. Artisans get the rare opportunity todisplay their artistry designs to all the attendees of the artproduction event which usually starts every Saturday from 10am to 5pmfrom April till mid-November(Streisinger, &amp Saturday Market,1970). The food court sector is primarily intended for profit makingbecause the food vendors sell and merchandise a wide array of foodcuisines to the attendants of the event. People attending the EugeneSaturday Market get to taste international and traditional cuisinesby visiting different food courts during the 7 hour event. The localartisan sector is graced by artisans from all walks of life withinthe United States and from other parts of the world attending theevent(Streisinger, &amp Saturday Market, 1970). This sector isprimarily nonprofit since it’s a venue through which artisans getto show their hand craft wares to guests and visitors. The essence ofthis sector is to create awareness among the general public of thetrendy handcraft wares and products either to be used in a householdor office setting. The live music sector is best suited to entertainguests during the event with a variety of musical genres such asrock, blues and country music among others(Streisinger, &ampSaturday Market, 1970).


Thedynamics of our group discussions were phenomenon since we got tobecome open-minded as everyone had a differing opinion about theEugene Saturday Market. Everybody in the group had to sacrifice theirclosed minded perception of the event and embrace a dynamic view ofthe event so that we could all brainstorm on the various sectors ofthe event and how it helps every attendee guests and artists alike.Through interacting with my group members, I learnt the aspect ofcollectiveness and togetherness because as the saying goes ‘Diversityis Strength’.


Theconcept of acceptance, this was a life changing concept that hasreally opened my mind into embracing foreign artistic cultures andpractices. Secondly, the concept of team work was a revolutionarytrait that I have learnt through interacting with my group memberssince I was accustomed to working on my own. Thirdly, the idea ofdealing with peoples’ weaknesses was tough dealing with at theinitial discussion with my group members as some of them proved to beignorant of the diversity of cultures and traditions. Optimism wasanother concept I learnt through the group because most of the timeswe would meet as a group to deliberate on the research points eachmember had and some would give unproven facts and figures. The ideaof persistency and consistency was another learning concept Iacquired through group interactions because we had to commitourselves in attending all the group meetings. All these conceptshave influenced my perception of creative arts performances andevents in a positive way.


Streisinger,L.S &amp Saturday Market (Eugene, Or.). (1970). SaturdayMarket,Or. Saturday Market.