Critical Thinking and Reflection


CriticalThinking and Reflection

CriticalThinking and Reflection

Beingan effective critical thinking makes the decision longer, but moreeffective. Being a critical thinker does not necessarily make thedecision making process challenging because the decision reached iswell thought. The challenge with critical thinking is the ability ofthe thinker to consider every aspect of the decision to be made. Thisconsideration of an issue at all dimensions and outcome of a decisionmakes critical thinking a time consuming activity (Moore&amp Parker, 2012).This is what is commonly considered challenging, even if it is not.

Thestatement is true, that the most successful people make betterdecisions than the unsuccessful ones. This is because theachievements of people are a direct result of the decisions they havemade in the past. Therefore, successful people have succeeded becauseof the decisions they have made, to shape their current and futuresuccess. A good example is the role that critical thinking has playedin my decision making. Applying critical thinking has helped me makebetter decisions in school and I have seen improvement in my gradesand better study time and skills.

Thisclass has significantly imparted important critical thinking skillsin my life. My interaction with other people has changed because Ihave learnt to make well thought decisions about my interactions. Iintend to utilize critical thinking skills in my professional life,so that I can make better decisions that will propel my career tosuccess. Therefore, critical thinking was one of the most impactfulkey concepts I learned in this class. The other key concept wasinterpretation skills of evaluating how I perceive, think andunderstand issues in the environment. These concepts have helped meto understand the environment around me and respond appropriately.


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