Thisessay focuses on Daban Pizza Business that is a fast business andtrying to understand the benefits of having a website and also thespecifications of building a website.

Thefocus is a fast food pizza cooking company that also focuses on thedelivering of pizza to its customers within the location. It is alocal business that has no any franchise therefore facing stiffchallenges from the leading pizza companies within the town. One ofthe advantages of the website will be to create awareness to pizzafans that there is a new one in town and also to have this as acompetitive advantage among its competitors. It’s a sole proprietorwith less capital among other therefore it cannot be able to fightoff others using advertising[ CITATION Amy12 l 1033 ].

Usingthe website the management will be able to update and inform itscustomers on what offers they have for specific days and what packageis the best. The website will also be necessary for customer support.It will be able for customers to order their pizza and also pay theircharges. By building a clear communication channel using the website,it will build a positive outlook about the business to the customer.Marketing a key integral part of a website that deals with fastmoving goods and pictures and post about new events will be displayedon the website. This website will also act as a link betweendifferent stakeholders such as suppliers and authorities whileremitting the tax.

Thoughexternal communication is important one cannot ignore the importanceof internal communication helping minimize any bottlenecks in thebusiness. Customers will be able to make inquiries faster rather thanvisiting the business physically. Using the website the company wille able to build the customers list who visit the site and this willlead to having a clear strategy for its business and how they willinfluence them more. It is for this reason that it also portraysone’s business as a serious entity that is ready for the long runand should not fail the stakeholders in the business[ CITATION Noa09 l 1033 ]

Marketingor send in customer’s direct mails through the website will lead tostrong bonds with the customers and also go well with reminding thetarget audience about specific days in the business such as specialoffers. Feedback is always necessary as it helps to understand whathas not been going well this brings out what needs to be changed andalso what needs to be introduced. Customers will be able to complaineasily as they will feel that they are not exposed therefore honestlytalk about the business.

Withthe world becoming connected and the growth of social media customerswill be able to interact with the business that they are buying from.New people in a new town will also be able to know about a newbusiness that they can support. The website to be designed shouldalways meet the core business objectives where they should be smart,realistic, achievable and time bound. For example when setting newtargets about new leads the business ought to consider the above.Setting up of a website does require a lot of planning and it is nota onetime event. Some things should be considered. One the cost andwhat the business will be within the specific time it will be set up.

Thereare specifics specifications that a website has to have to besuccessful launched. The hard ware part the website requires a serverthat can host the website. There has to be the internet. The websitehas to host a server where it can be seen from the web. For thecompany’s website will need to transact cash there has to bepayment transaction software this will enable the website to be ableto transact with customers without an assistant from any cashier.Having an automated transaction payment helps in minimizing delaysfor customers waiting to be served and also ensures that there istransparency in billing.

Havingsecure server connection. With the recent time cybercrime is becomingone of the biggest threat facing business it is for this reason thatthe website has to ensure that customers cards are not exposed to anyhacking threats and also help the business in protecting itstransaction and accessibility. A shopping cart is also a softwareneeded for the website as this will ensure that while the customersis shopping for pizza that they may take a shopping cart to be ableto select what they need with ease.

Frauddetection systems are part of the security of the website to protectit from cyber fraud and hackers all over. With technology changingfast, some people are losing money from the unscrupulous people whowant to reap where they did not invest. Also, the challenge ofcybercrime is that it may work in different borders therefore, thelocal authorities may have a little help to rescue the website. Thesesystems can be able to match the phone numbers with the IP address,therefore, avoid the risk of the money being swindled.


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