English Ali and His Father


English:Ali and His Father


Aliand his father Hamad

Lifein the Middle East could not be any better when you father has acompany dealing with buying and selling vehicles. In the early yearsof 1990s, Ali’s father Hamad had amassed enough wealth working foran oil company to start his company. At first he thought of opening awater company but he quickly noted that the standard of living ofmost people in the country was improving significantly due to themoney that was coming into the economy from oil revenue. All thistime, Ali had been in school and his father and mother being devoutMuslims ensured he grew up in the ways that a Muslim should do.Unsurprisingly by the age of ten Ali could recite various verses fromthe Holy Quran.

Thecar business was doing modestly in the early years-just like anyother business- but after four years Mr. Hamad seemed to have foundthe way to take his enterprise to the next level. Within three-years,he had become one of the most notable car dealers within the region,and this meant that his business was expanding at an unprecedentedrate. In this light, he found it wise to give his son an opportunityo work in the business after he completed school. In the process ofdoing business with international merchants, Mr Hamad had noted thathe encountered massive challenges when communicating with dealersfrom Aglophone countries. This is what made him think of taking hisson to the America to learn English so that in future he would notencounter similar problems and that his son would be a worthy heir tothe business.

Aligot an opportunity to travel to America to study for a degree andlearn English. As expected, life in the United States was verydifferent from that in the Middle East. First, this was the firsttime he was interacting with people who did not share his religiousbeliefs and social norms. Second, he found himself in a new culturethat demanded that he makes decision independently. It was not longbefore life in America changed Ali. He was slowly and graduallystarting to learn English, although in the second year most of histime as spent learning Business Administration. In the first year, hehad made significant progress to the extent that he could understandbasic English words. In this vein, he was able to listen to the newsfrom the CNN and read newspapers.

Forthe first time, he got a clear reflection of the how Americans viewedthe Muslim world especially in this era that has been dogged byterror attacks and rise of extremists groups. Ali became conscious ofthe fact that there was a growing belief among many Western countriesthat there could be a link between some Arab nations and some of theheinous activities taking place in the Middle East. Despite that factthat things were stable in his country of origin, he realized thatunless the Arab world finds ways to interact with the rest of theworld in more open and direct way the prevailing notion could not beeliminated. Ali had sworn that he would take the initiative once backinto his country to make the relations between his country and otherwestern states more productive and less suspicious.


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