Facility Layout at Wheeled Coach

FacilityLayout at Wheeled Coach

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FacilityLayout at Wheeled Coach

WheeledCoach is globally recognized as the largest manufacturer ofambulances. The company has 5 parallel assembly sections which arefuelled by work cells which facilitate the production of at least 5ambulances on a daily basis. The work cells fuel the main assemblysystem through the JIT basis which conducts a pre-assemblyfunctionality like painting, carpentry and electrical wiring amongother duties. However, the firm faces efficiency challengesespecially in its layout structure which has affected the rate ofproduction and manufacturing of ambulances.

Sinceit’s the globe’s largest ambulance manufacturer, Wheeled Coachsuffers production and layout inefficiencies. Therefore, theimplementation of strategic approaches such as storage, processfocused, retail and product oriented tasks ensures that the firmcontinues with mass production while still maintaining exceptionalquality of their medical ambulances. The strategic layout of workcenters has allowed the firm to delegate manual responsibilities toworkers in different work stations (Dessler&ampPhillips, 2008).For instance, the first work center handles paint work and aluminumfabrication which is catered for at the work cells, focused workcenters and focused factory. From the video clip, workers weremandated to work for 8 hour shifts in 5 working days beginning from6.30am. After sometime, hiring of workers became challenging asworkers were mandated to work 10 hour shifts in 4 working days. Dueto this change in manpower schedule, the quality of the ambulancevehicles deteriorated because the company became more profit-makingand commercially-oriented. This was as a result of a 2hour overtimewhich made industrial workers pursue more production with absolutedisregard for quality.

Inconclusion, the facility layout at Wheeled Coach has improved theproduction, operation and manufacturing of ambulances, hence,improving the quality of vehicles distributed in the medical market.


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