Facing Death



Itis unclear of where we will be expecting to get after we die. Thepanic caused by the hearing of that word death has been terrifying mefor as long as I can remember. However, many accounts of where wewill be after death gives me some hope but my impatient get me backto the situation have been before. I am talking about death andissues of mortality. Many religions have a different account of whatlife will be after we die, and I remain confused on to which accountI should subscribe to. Where do people go after death? What state dothey exist in? These questions are what have made me want to give anaccount of how I will expect my mortality to be.

WhenI approach death, I know and believe I will be in my world and as aresult I will be angered by the fact that I am dying. Life is full offun, and I will obviously not be happy to exit the world. I expectpeople to start isolating and denying me including close friends andrelatives. Many would have to get on with their lives since I will begoing to leave them. My main issue will be to fight the paindominating my sick body, and therefore I won`t be of any value tothem. In fact, I would be a nuisance (Sumner,2011).

Denialand isolation will make me angry. I will get to the Creator, God andthe spirit asking them why I had to be chosen. Also to that, I willenvy and feel bad for other people who were close to me and were themgoing on with their busy life while I am probably in bed fighting thepain. Perhaps I will also hate the doctors and other family membersblaming them for the pain and the expected demise. Nothing to mewould seem good, and all good things would seem to me the source ofall bad things.

Thisanger will provoke me to act and start to intervene so as to try andreverse the situation. I will resolve to get to talk to the spirits,and God begging for the death to be postponed. Religious leaderswould play a vital role in talking to the God and potentialpostponement of the mortality. In that case, I would be good toothers and will give more to charity than I gave before.

Ifmy situation fails to change, I will understand and assume God andthe spirits are not ready to reverse the condition. I would have tobe at peace with all the people I have crossed fingers against inlife. I will be regretful of all the losses I have caused to bothothers and myself. The family tie is important, and I would in thissituation call my family together and encourage them to maintainclose ties and help each other in the time of needs. I would alsodisclose all the secrets that I could be hiding (Sinclair,2011).

Awarethat death is inevitable, I will be on the final stage and acceptingthe situation will help. I will have hope that I will be in the nextlife as studied in religion and believed through spirituality asrevealed in the holy religious manuscripts. I would then wait for mytime to die having lived my life here on earth.


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