Fair Fax Economic Development

FairFax Economic Development

TheFair fax county development authority has formulated wonderful ideasthat are meant to boost development. When implemented, such ideaspromote the living standards and economic health in any area. A niceset of ideas has been implemented at Fair fax county authorities thustransforming the county into an economic hub.

Thecounty offers its residents excellent opportunities for employmentand attractive housing. Housing is available for all individuals inurban, suburban and small town as well as high-rise apartments. Thecounty offers a broad spectrum for potential home buyers. Housingimpacts the economy at almost all levels and through every aggregatevariable in the economy. Some of the economic effects overlap intheir impact of more than a single variable. The county has created ahousing loan system that enables the middle income earners to own ahome. Such a scheme has system wide effects, that can be categorizedas general equilibrium benefits, affecting some other factors in theeconomy together with the housing sector (Fairfaxcountyeda.org).

Theexcellent employment opportunities in the county have bothmicroeconomic and macro-economic benefits (Bu.edu).Furthermore, there is also an important mutual reinforcing relationbetween the economic and social benefits. First and foremost,employment provides income security for the employed. Secondly,employment leads to increased production of goods and services, andthe employed personnel earns recognition and is engaged in worthwhileactivities.

Beingthe largest jurisdiction in Washington area, the county has desirableresidential communities. The real estate investments generate taxesand the money is used to fund the public services. The servicesinclude excellent schools, large libraries and beautiful parksystems. The county public schools are rated among the best schoolsystems in the whole nation. The libraries also make it easy forstudents to acquire the desired education easily(Fairfaxcountyeda.org).

Educationis the key to success. The education system in any county impacts theeconomy in a large way. The study of economics of training andeducation shows that well trained workers are more productive thanworkers with poor training (Radcliffe).A successful economy like the one in Fairfax County has a work forcethat is capable of operating industries at a level where it holds anadvantage over the economies of other counties. The educationfacilities such as the libraries in the county facilitate learningthus helping many to achieve the American dream. As stated before,maximizing the number of educated people in the county increases thenumber of rich people in the county since education and training isproportional to the earned wages.

FairfaxCounty offers an outstanding life quality for the residents. Thereare numerous parks, golf courses and bike trails. The county has alsoinvested in the established arts centers such as museums andwonderful recreation parks. The entertainment options include:national air and space museum’s Udvar-Hazy Center and GeorgeWashington’s Mount Vernon Estate, and Wolf Trap. Such facilitiestrigger the flow of money from the rich and wealthy to the middleincome earners working in such facilities. The facilities are notlimited to the county residents. Other people from different countiesand countries visiting the county may enjoy the facilities thusboosting the tourism sector. Tourists bring in money from theircountries in the county thus increasing the value of the dollars. Onthe other hand, the tourism sector provides employment for manypeople working in the travel agencies and recreation facilities thusboosting the individual income.


Ina nutshell, the economy of Fair Fax County is developingexponentially. The development is brought about by the excellentemployment opportunities, good housing, education and training aswell as entertainment joints. The combination boosts the income ofindividual citizens and the count as a whole. The implemented ideasof the county development authorities have transformed the face ofFairfax County.


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