Imade changes from eating strawberries to one banana this week. It wasdifficult at first since the strawberries were sweet than the bananaand also changing a routine is not that easy. First since having abanana in the morning I have been more alert and full. Also, it hasbeen more pocket-friendly as I don’t have to buy a whole kilogramof a pack of strawberries.

Thebest part about the banana is you can get a single unit and one doesnot have to stick to a lot of guidelines on how to store it. Fairtrade is something I would support it as it does give a level playingfield for all farmers even the American Farmer has an advantage overits competitor. If every farmer would go through the same challengesthen I believe it would be fair to support it.

Italso builds around socially responsible farmers ensuring that boththe farmer and consumer are in a win-win situation. Roping farmersfrom all different countries shows that it is not selective. I wasable to purchase banana in an easy manner. The best part of it wasthe available options I had as I was purchasing the fruit. Fair tradeshould be embraced in all countries as this will boost the sales forfarmers and also will make the world a better place as people will behealth conscious.

Itwas also a good way changing from what I have been used to. The bestpart of fair trade is how transparent it is to buy products and youget the chance to see from the origin of the product. This gives thecustomer the confidence that the product is safe and is ready forconsumption. I would shop again a fair trade fruit again as I havethe confidence it has the best interest of the consumer. Fair tradewill solve a lot of problems in the future.