Family of Woodstock, Inc.

Familyof Woodstock, Inc.


Familyof Woodstock, Inc.

Thefamily of Woodstock, Inc. was founded in a very dramaticcircumstance. This is a helping foundation that started in the smalltown of Woodstock. It was in the year 1969 during a festival that washeld 115miloes outside the town. This was the Woodstock festivalattracted more than 450,000 people and created the worst traffic inthe history of New York. This was contrary to the expectation of theorganizers of 50,000 attendants. The festival had been organized byfour young people and, in fact, the oldest among them was onlytwenty-six years the festival, the adults, and the youngadults used drugs as they so wished because by implication it waslegal. The other act was that they freely engaged in lovemakingwithout any fear. The actions made the place so famous, and youthsfrom all parts of America flocked to the area to enjoy the famouspicnic it provided. Some would sleep idle on the benches due to theexcessive enjoyment. However, one Ms. Varsi recognized theshortcoming and made a dramatic action. She opened her home andtelephone number to help the youths who were in need of anythingranging from food, accommodation and clothing. The foundation stillmaintains the use of the initial phone number utilized by the kindlady. All the logistics were facilitated through the help from localbusinesses, residents and also the clergy to help the youth get backto where they came from.

Thefamily of Woodstock Foundation has specialized in meeting itsobjectives in some ways. The community has a tendency of workingdirectly with the clients and the families. They also carry out awide consultation from the various professionals to provide a qualityservice to the community. Woodstock work manages the client’s timein that they are always engaged in one activity or the other while inthe confinement of their care. The forty hours week activity ensuresthat they are engaged and busy in carrying out the activities. Theactivities are done in a cooperative designed to represent a familysetting. The foundation is run on the basis of a parent and childrenrelationship. The clients in the foundation are encouraged to relatewell with their fellow persons, and it is the responsibility of theleaders of the foundation to help them achieve the same. In somecircumstances, the clients are given a direct care if need be to helpthem in their various needs and provide them with specializedservices. The foundation is never discriminatory but works withvarious community agencies and groups in providing the programs indemand and develops resources.

Whenthe foundation was started in the 1970s, they provided a narrow rangeof services which was to provide the help to people with variedproblems. The problem to the needy teenagers and young adults wasimportant. Woodstock family is also a communication foundation andhelps to direct those with needs to where they can get the actualhelp. Today and over time, the use of professional has beenabandoned, and human service workers are of general service innature. They would want to use the individuals who are cognitive ofthe general patient environment and their social needs in general.Mental illness services were not recognized by government authoritiesbefore the movement started. Before the 196`s the services wereprovided by either religious or individuals association. Woodstockfamily foundation changed all this by ensuring that the wholecommunity was involved either directly or indirectly in helping clearthe menace. Some are recruited as a volunteer to work in thefoundation while others are encouraged to contribute to thefoundation fund to help maintain its operations cost. The consistencyin character by the Foundation enabled the government to set agenciesthat help curb and provide health assistance to the patients ofmental illness.

Specializationis an important aspect of the trend of offering services. Whenindividual are working on what they are good at, they perform thesame at an enhanced speed and perfectly. In today`s human servicedelivery, professionals will study a narrow aspect of human conceptsand offer the professional need to a patient in the best mannerpossible. Therapists and psychologists are some of the fields thatthe specialization trend has taken. Take for instance in theWoodstock family foundation, the foundation has hired differentprofessional from different fields of specialization. This enhanceshuman service delivery because, first the patient will likely meetdifferent persons and feel loved, and secondly the service will be ofhigh quality since the person is highly skilled and experienced.Specialization has become a trend in that the professionals areacquiring skill in human service on just a narrow field of interest.The professionals specialize in the area they are best andcomfortable working in with ease. Specialization has helped improvethe quality of service offered to the mental patients and all clientsof Woodstock family foundation in general. Woodstock Foundation willcontinue to provide human services as its founder intended in theunforeseen future.


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