Financial Accountant Job Analysis


FinancialAccountant Job Analysis

FinancialAccountant Job Analysis

Theposition selected for this job analysis is that of a financialaccountant. This is a position that entails doing the line functionsin the finance department. Therefore, observation, interviewing andusing questionnaires are the ways of doing a job analysis for anaccountant. However, interviewing is the best way because it offersthe chance for the accountant to explain the accountingterminologies.

Thejob title of the position is Financial Accountant. This position isin almost all companies that have a volume of financial transactions.The title partially explains what the job is, but does not disclosethe specific functions. However, there is no other title that canoffer a better explanation than a financial accountant.

Thejob of a financial accountant fits with the rest of the company asother departments must interact with the accountant to get financefor normal operations. The job is comparable to managementaccountants who perform similar functions. However, financialaccountants are paid higher salaries than other jobs in a company orthe industry (Phillips and Gully, 2013). According to Phillips andGully (2013), accountants are paid higher because they are valuablein the financial management of a firm.

Thebaseline knowledge required to be an accountant is financialeducation and cash management knowledge. A financial accountant musthave skills in calculations and statistical skills. In addition toanalytical abilities an accountant should possess writing andpresentation abilities in order to effectively present financialreports and statements.

Afinancial accountant records financial transactions, and tracks themin the firm’s operations and resources. From the transactions, thefinancial accountant maintains financial records and preparesfinancial statements from the books of accounts. To perform theseduties, the financial accountant requires an office, computers,calculator, ledger books, cash books and general stationery.


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