Finite Mathematics (Application Of Matrices) Number

FiniteMathematics (Application Of Matrices)


FiniteMathematics (Application Of Matrices)

Mathematicshas been one of the most applied in people’s life’s withdifferent knowledge obtained in math’s being applied by people tosolve daily problems. Mathematically expressed in almost every facetof life. For example algebra knowledge is used in computer science,probability and statistics are used in calculations of insurancerisks (Lial, Greenwell &amp Ritchey, 2012). Other math’s knowledgeis equally applied in man’s daily life in different ways.

Matricesare one of the covered area in math’s, and has had differentapplications such as data organization, linear system evaluation, andorganization of finances. On the other hand, matrices can as well beused in one’s life. One of the applications in daily life is whenone is comparing prices of commodities from different shops. Matrixknowledge can be useful in deducing which is the best shop to buygoods in terms of price comparison. In addition, the knowledge can beused by businessmen as it gives a simple way to read and interpretdata, as it helps in the preparation of the inventory.

Matricesare being used in aspects of dealing with population, and in turn themassive adoption of computer technology has in turn integrated theideas of matrices in deriving the aspect of 2 and 3 dimensionalobjects, and graphics making. The magnitude of matrices use dependswith the sector or the occupation of an individual in his daily life.As for the computer prom makers, the use of matrices is inevitable asit’s used to differentiate between 2-D, and 3-D objects. On theother hand, occupations such as geology deploy the knowledge ofmatrices in their practice such as plotting graphs and undertakingseismic surveys (Lial, Greenwell &amp Ritchey, 2012).


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