Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

GeneticallyModified Organisms (GMOs)

Oneof the assumptions of the author of this article is that there is noneed reason for using GMO foods in America. The article by Walia(2014) also assumes that GM crop production reduces crop yields. Itis also assumed that taking genetically modified crops makes humanbeings part of an experiment. The author also assumes that people whosay GMOs are safe to eat have not carried out enough research.

Thereare hidden values and biases in this article. First, the articlepresents only one side of the topic, highlighting the negativeeffects of GMOs without giving any benefit of the products. Theauthor also uses researches that tend to oppose the use of GMOs andleaves out those that support the ascension of GMOs. The author hasvalues that oppose GMOs, focusing on consumption of natural food andsupporting groups that oppose it.

Theinformation is not accurate (reliable) because the author is biasedand does not provide clear evidence except description of biasedresearches which are not even justifiably referenced. For instance,the author suggests that multiple toxins from GMOs have been detectedin maternal and fetal blood (Walia, 2014). This is not accuratebecause we are not certain that the toxins result from GMOs and notany other causes.

Theauthors can use the premises or information they have to make aconclusion (Myers, 2013). However, in this case there can be otherinformation that can refute the conclusions of the author. Forexample, Chern (2006) suggests that GMOs facilitates improved yieldsof crops. This opposes the conclusion of this article whichcompletely opposes GMO production.


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